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LG 2011 TV line-up
LG 2011 TV line-up - with full spec list

29 Jan 2011 | Rasmus Larsen |

In this article we give you the complete overview of LG’s 2011 line-up in LCD/LED and plasma with pictures and specifications. Below you will find sections about LG’s new 2011 products and the technology, as well as overview tables with specifications and prices (coming soon). Look forward to Nano technology, cheaper Cinema 3D, Smart TV and USB recording.

The many questions from you users have been answered in the bottom of the article. Expect reviews soon, too.

LG 2011 line-up in outline

LG had invited the press to an in-depth presentation of the new 2011 line-up and we had a chance to get some hands-on experiences with most of the new TVs. In this article you will get the full overview of LG's 2011 line-up.

LG wants to continue with both LCD/LED and plasma in 2011. Their LED models have been updated with the new extremely interesting Nano LED technology and their top plasma ranges are now fully 3D enabled. LG has also developed an inexpensive 3D alternative in their Cinema 3D models that utilizes the cheaper polarized 3D system that you have seen in cinemas.

LG 2011 line-up
LG 2011 Nano TV

2 different 3D technologies

LG believes that the 3D market lacks width and therefore they plan to launch active 3DTVs such as the LW9500, LW7700 and PZ950 and passive 3D models such as LW6500 and LW5600. The passive 3D models are aimed at the mainstream segment while the active 3D models are for discerning users.

LG 2011 line-up
LG Cinema 3D with polarized 3D glasses

LG uses the term Cinema 3D for their new passive 3DTV that works the same way as 3D in the cinemas. This means very cheap and lightweight 3D glasses with no flicker or batteries, as well as reduced crosstalk. We tried LG's Cinema 3D system and it actually was surprisingly good.
We will get back with more information about it a later article or review.

LG 2011 line-up
LG 2011 line-up

For the active 3D system LG has developed new, smarter 3D glasses (the Cinema 3D models comes bundled with inexpensive polarized 3D glasses). The 3D glasses have been developed in collaboration with Alain Mikli and can be seen below.

LG’s 2011 3D-glasses
LG’s 2011 3D glasses

Below you see LG’s polarized 3D glasses for the Cinema 3D ranges.

LG’s 2011 3D-glasses
LG’s 2011 polarized 3D glasses

LG focuses on Smart TV in 2011

LG strongly believes that the internet has a important role for flat panel TVs in the coming years and that's why LG has developed an all-new Smart TV interface in collaboration with Plex, simply called Smart TV. The Smart TV still has the NetCast support with YouTube, Picassa, and Facebook but LG has also integrated a Web browser and an App interface (online in Q3 2011).

The US users can access services such as Netflix, CinemaNow, and VUDU and the European users will get local content depending on the specific region. In addition, a free App for iPhone, Android, Windows 7 and Symbian-based smart phones will provide an additional way to control the set, including a full QWERTY keyboard. We will feature a full article about LG's Smart TV interface later but right now we have to say that we are impressed and anxious to see it unfold it's full potential.

LG 2011 line-up
LG 2011 Smart TV interface

Nano technology and improved plasma

LG talked a lot about their new Nano LED technology. By utilizing an extremely thin film with 10^-9 m nano-size holes, LG is able to create very slim TVs with extremely deep black levels due to the local dimming capabilities. LG even says that the Nano film should distribute light evenly to ensure no clouding or backlight bleeding.

LG 2011 line-up
LG 2011 line-up

On the plasma side, LG has taken things a step further with a better filter, 3D and lower energy consumption. The flagship is called PZ950 and it comes with LG's Borderless design, 3D, THX (for 3D and 2D) and the Smart TV interface with web browser and Apps.

LG also plans to release cheaper plasma ranges with 3D and slimmer designs and bezels such as the PZ750 which has a depth of less than 2 inches and a bezel measuring just 1.18 inches.

Other new features include LG’s Magic Motion remote with gyro based sensing technology that controls the TV with Wii-like motion, as well as the USB recording function available on some of the high-end EU models such as the LW9500 and the high-end plasma TVs (only in the EU).

LG 2011 line-up
LG 2011 line-up

Additionally, ISFccc calibration options allow consumers to work with a professional to set"day" and"night" levels for optimal viewing and brightness levels. The ISFccc setting options are available on the semi high-end and high-end ranges.

Below we have described the new LG flat panel TVs. See the overview table at the bottom as well for an overview. The user questions are found in the last section.

LG LW9500 Nano LED

LG LW9500 is the new flagship LED model from LG with Nano LED technology. The Nano LED technology enables LG to create a Full LED backlight with local dimming in an extremely thin frame.

LG Nano LW9500
LG Nano LW9500

LW9500 also features LG's new Smart TV interface with Apps and a web browser.

LG Nano LW9500
LG Nano LW9500

  • Nano technology
  • LED local dimming
  • Cinema 3D (passive 3D)
  • Smart TV with NetCast & web browser
  • 400/480 Hz TruMotion
  • DLNA
  • Magic Wand remote
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB recording (only in EU)
  • Wireless AV Link

    LW9500 will be available in May 2011 in 47 and 55 inches called 47LW9500 and 55LW9500.

    LG LZ9700 72"

    LG's LZ9700 will only be available in massive 72 inches. It has LED local dimming, 3D and 400/480 Hz but not the Nano technology.

    LG Nano LZ9700
    LG Nano LZ9700

  • LED local dimming
  • 3D (active 3D)
  • Smart TV with NetCast & web browser
  • 400/480 Hz TruMotion
  • DLNA
  • Magic Wand remote
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • Wireless AV Link

    LZ9700 will be available in May/June 2011 in 72 inches called 72LZ9700.

    LG LW7700 Nano LED

    LW7700 is the little brother to LW9500. It still features Nano LED technology and LG's Smart TV interface. It also has 3D. A major difference compared to the LW9500 is a matte panel instead of a glass front.

    LG Nano LW7700
    LG Nano LW7700

  • Nano technology
  • LED local dimming
  • Cinema 3D (passive 3D)
  • Smart TV with NetCast & web browser
  • 400/480 Hz TruMotion
  • DLNA
  • Magic Wand remote
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wireless AV Link

    LW7700 will be available in May 2011 in 42, 47 and 55 inches called 42LW7700, 46LW7700 and 55LW7700.

    LG LW6500

    LG LW6500 is part of the Cinema 3D range. LG's Cinema 3D equals passive 3D that you know from movie cinemas and therefore also utilizes the very cheap and lightweight 3D glasses.

    LG LW5600
    LG LW5600

  • Edge LED with local dimming
  • Passive 3D (Cinema 3D)
  • 4 pairs of 3D glasses bundled
  • 200/240 Hz
  • Magic Wand remote Ready
  • Smart TV with NetCast & web browser
  • Wi-Fi Ready via USB
  • Wireless AV Link

    LG 2011 line-up
    LG LW6500 Cinema 3D

    LG LW6500 will be available in May 2011 in 42, 47, and 55 inches called 42LW6500, 47LW6500, and 55LW6500.

  • 47" 47LW6500
  • 55" 55LW6500

    LG LW5600

    The new inexpensive LW5600 range comes with Cinema 3D - passive 3D - and comes bundled with 4 pairs of 3D glasses


  • Edge LED with local dimming
  • Cinema 3D (Passive 3D)
  • Smart TV with NetCast & web browser
  • 4 pairs of 3D glasses bundled
  • 100/120 Hz
  • Magic Wand remote Ready
  • Wi-Fi Ready via USB
  • Wireless AV Link

    LW5600 will be available in May 2011 in 32, 42, 47 and 55 inches called 32LW5600, 42LW5600, 47LW5600 and 55LW5600.

  • 47" 47LW5600
  • 55" 55LW5600

    LG LV5500 and LV5300

    LG will also be released non-3D with Smart TV capabilities (only LV5500) and Edge LED with limited local dimming.

    LG LV5500

  • Edge LED with local dimming
  • Smart TV with NetCast & web browser (only LV5500)
  • 100/120 Hz
  • Magic Wand remote Ready
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • Wireless AV Link (only LV5500)

    LV5500 will be available in April 2011 in 32, 42, 47, and 55 inches called 32LV5500, 42LV5500, 47LV5500 and 55LV5500.
    The LV5300 is the variant without the Smart TV interface. It too will be available in April 2011 in 32, 37, 42 and 47 inches called 32LV5300, 37LV5300, 42LV5300 and 47LV5300.

  • 42" 42LV5500
  • 47" 47LV5500
  • 55" 55LV5500

    LG LV4500, LV3500, LK5500, LK4500 and LK4300

    Other LCD-TV series with LED were also mentioned such as the LV4500, LV3500, LK5500, LK4500 and LK4300.

    All come with LED but none of them has the Smart TV or 3D technologies. For full information see the specifications table later.

    LG PZ950 plasma

    PZ950 is plasma flagship that a TruBlack panel, active 3D technology and THX presets.

    LG PZ950

  • 3D plasma-Tv (active 3D)
  • Smart TV with NetCast, apps & web browser
  • Borderless design
  • THX 2D and 3D
  • 600Hz Sub-field Driving
  • USB recording (only in EU)
  • Bluetooth
  • DLNA
  • Multiplay
  • Tru Black Filter
  • WiFi
  • Magic Wand Remote
  • Wireless AV Link

    LG PZ950 will be available in March/April 2011 in 50 and 60 inches called 50PZ950 and 60PZ950.

  • 50" 50PZ950
  • 60" 60PZ950

    LG PZ750 plasma

    PZ750 is the step down from PZ950 and it still has 3D, Smart TV and THX.

    LG PZ750

  • 3D plasma-Tv (active)
  • Smart TV with NetCast, apps & web browser
  • Borderless design
  • THX 2D and 3D
  • 600Hz sub Field Driving
  • USB recording (only in EU)
  • 1.8-inch bezel
  • 2-inch thick
  • DLNA
  • Wi-Fi Ready Ready
  • Magic Wand remote
  • Wireless AV Link

    PZ750 will be available in march/April 2011 in 50 and 60 inches called 50PZ750 and 60PZ750.

  • 50" 50PZ750
  • 60" 60PZ750

    LG PZ550 plasma

    LG PZ550

  • Full HD plasma
  • TruSlim design
  • 3D Ready and 2D-to-3D conversion
  • Smart TV with NetCast (in a PZ570 version that also has USB recording)
  • THX
  • 600Hz sub Field Driving
  • DLNA
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • Wireless AV Link (in PZ570)

    PZ550 will be available in March 2011 in 50 and 60 inches called 50PZ550 and 60PZ550. A PZ570 will also be released in some countries with some added features.

  • 50" 50PZ550
  • 60" 60PZ550

    LG PZ250

    LG PZ250 is LG’s inexpensive 3D plasma range.

  • Full HD plasma
  • TruSlim design
  • 3D Ready and 2D-to-3D conversion
  • 600Hz sub Field Driving
  • DLNA
  • Wi-Fi Ready

    PZ250 will be available in March 2011 in 50 and 60 inches called 50PZ250 and 60PZ250.

    LG PW350 plasma

    LG PW350

  • Full HD plasma
  • TruSlim design
  • 3D Ready and 2D-to-3D conversion
  • Smart TV with NetCast
  • 600Hz sub Field Driving

    PW350 will be available in March 2011 in 42 and 50 inches called 42PW350 and 50PW350.

  • 42" 42PW350
  • 50" 50PW350

    LG PV450 & PT350 plasma

    Lastly, LG is releasing two cheaper ranges without 3D called PV450 and PT350. Both with TruSlim design with a thinner bezel.

    The PV450 range will be available in 50” (50PV450) and 60” (60PV450).

    The PT350 range will be available in 42” (42PT350) and 50” (50PT350).


    Below you find a complete overview of the 2011 LG line-up.

    LG 2010 overview
    Click to enlarge


    The pricing details have not been fully decided. We will return with full pricing details on all models as soon as we receive them from LG. Subscribe to our Newsletter for updates.

    User questions

    Below you can find answers to most of the questions. Some questions have been merged and others require testing.

    Which formats are supported by the Internet browser? -Jesper
    Flash understřttes. Střrre artikel kommer online omkring

    is it a full Plex integration or a modified version? -Torben
    Medialink - not exactly the same but adaptation for Tv software

    Is there a model with DVB-T2, DVB-S2 and USB recording? -Jackpot
    No, not in 2011. Not in the Nordic at least.

    Will the LEX8 announced at IFA 2010 be released in 2011? -Kenneth & What about the LEX8 model, is this one of the 2011 range? -sonofs
    LEX8 is not coming to Europe. But the other new models with LED local dimming has the same backlight technology and same number of lamps.

    Is it possible to record one show and watch another? Internet browser: java and flash support? -Jeppe
    No, unfortunately not. There's only one tuner. Java and flash is supported in the web browser.

    What models will feature USB recording? -Jan
    All of the Smart TVs in the plasma segment as well as the flagship LW9500 LED model.

    Will the 72-inch model arrive in 2011 and will it come in smaller sizes? -Claus linde
    The 72 inches will launch in Europe and USA. It's called 72LZ9500. If you're looking for a 55-inch model you could look at the 55LW9500.

    Any models without glass front? -lazy
    Yes, the LW7700 and some of the cheaper ranges. The Cinema 3D models as well.

    What about the anti-reflective filter? -Martin & Are the screens still as reflective as last years?
    It's the same as last year.

    Is the Plex system transcoding video files?
    You don't have to transcode files but if the files aren't supported, you can use your PC DLNA software to transcode files.

    Can you watch a 1080p mkv video via Plex?
    Hardware 1080p is supported.

    How do you connect a surround system? -Sřren Pedersen
    HDMI 1.4 or optical. Surround is supported.

    Did they manage to reduce or eliminate the banding last years LED range had?
    It's is eliminated in the Nano TVs.

    Pls ask them about crosstalk, clouding, input lag (lower than 2010?), black level, banding. thx :] -Balazs
    We will examine all those things in the reviews.

    How about input lag at LG LW6500 and LW5700? -Michael
    Depends on the systems that are activated but the picture circuits have been updated compared to the 2010 models.

    How about DLNA and its support of codecs etc. Whether they plan to implement DVB-S tuners as well as their competitors -bramo
    Supports MKV, Divx HD, wmv, avi, mpeg4 etc.
    No DVB-S tuners in the Nordic but some EU countries will get DVB-S tuners in the LG TVs.

    What sizes will the LW950W come in, and when will it be for sale? What are the differences between the US and the European model (LW950W)? -Daniel
    LW950W is the Nordic model LW9500 is the US and EU model. It will launch in 47 and 55 inches in end of April, beginning of may.
    US vs. EU: The EU models will have DVB-T2 and USB recording. The US models will have more Smart TV Premium providers for video on demand services.

    is there a PVR function onboard? Is that supported with 2 tuners or just 1? I would like to watch a different channel then the one I am recording. -Martin
    Yes, but only 1 tuner. See the specs table for further details on which models that incorporate the USB recording functions.

    Does the LW7700 also support local dimming, or is that only for the higher LW9500 model? Is the Plex media client present in the LW7000 and the LW9500 series, or is that just a feature for the Plasma range? -Martin
    Yes, local dimming and Nano on both series. Plex is also integrated.

    Do the TV's support only passive 3D? Is that the way LG is going now? Do all the new LG's have passive 3D or is there a mixture in the 3D stock (active and passive) -Martin
    LG plans to release both passive and active 3DTVs. The passive 3DTVs are called Cinema 3D and the active 3DTVs are called Dynamic 3D.

    When's the 31" OLED coming out? I don't care about plasma or lcd. -oled
    LG's 31-inch OLED-TV will not launch in Europe. US and Asia still undecided.

    I'd be curious to know about release dates and pricing for all regions even though this is a Euro-centric event. I'm also interested to know more about their integration of Plex. They had a press release about it last year for their forthcoming 2011 products, but I didn't see anything on it come out of CES. From what I could find it was just built into the backend. -David
    Prices will be updated into this article later on. For more information about the Plex / Smart TV system see our later LG Smat TV article.

    In which screen sizes will the LW9500 and LW7700 be available in Germany?
    Same sizes as in other EU countries. LW9500 in 47 and 55 inches. LW7700 in 42, 47 and 55 inches.

    Will there be a 42" model for the LW7700?
    Yes, 42 inches. It has 64 local dimming zones

    What kind of functionality will the web browser have, will it have flash-capability? Will there be facebook support?
    Yes, both Flash, Java and Facebook support.

    When will the LW7700 in -hopefully- 42" be released in Germany? -Stephan
    Hopefully in the beginning of May.

    When will the 5400, 5600/5700, and 6500 series be available in the US. Pricing?
    End of April / beginning of May.

    Are the 5700 and 6500 series both matte.

    Are the 5400, 5600/5700 and 6500 series all going to be IPS panels? If not which ones?

    What is the difference between the 5600 and 5700 series passive 3D sets? -Eddie Neyman
    Aimed at different countries.

    PLEASE ask about the 72 incher. When is is available in EU, euro price and how it will be sold in different countries: in some selected shops or on order? What will be the EUropean model name for the 72"? Confirm if it is nano or not and if it has antiglare coating so no reflections. -wirk
    Mid May called LG 72LZ9970W. It has a glass front. It's not Nano but it has LED local dimming.

    Like some others here, I would like as much info as possible on the passive 3D TVs (LW6500 & LW 5700, and others):
    * Release dates & prices?
    * Matte screens?
    * Any model with matte bezel?
    * True 24p playback support?
    * mkv media player support?
    * Do they have proper Web-browser?
    * DVB-T2?
    * CI+?
    * In their passive 3D, why didn't they use columns with different polarization instead (i.e. 960x1080 per eye instead of now 1920x540)? This alternative would better match broadcasts like Sky3D which does horizontal reduction (i.e. 960x1080) ... for several reasons.
    See some of the previous answers. 24p playback is supported on all models. CI+ is also supported.
    LG didn't answer the passive 3D question but we will get back to that in our reviews.

    Please ask them what actual technological changes have they made to their 2011 Plasma lineup, that allows them to claim a 10 million to 1, dynamic contrast ratio, compared to 3 million to 1 ratio for most of their 2010 Plasma lineup.
    LG says that the filter in front of the TV has been improved.

    Also, please ask them why they never post actual power consumption figures for their Plasma models, like Panasonic does.
    LG believe they do?

    If would also be nice to know if any of their Plasma models contain"Gorilla Glass", which is supposed to be lighter and much more shatter resistant, than the glass that Plasmas have contained, through 2010.
    Same glass as last year, so no Gorilla glass.

    If not LG, will Panasonic or Samsung use Gorilla Glass in any of their 2011 Plasma models? -Greenland
    We will answer that question in later sessions.

    Will they use fast decay phosphors in all their 2011 plasma models, or just in their 3D capable models? -Greenland
    All of the 3D models have the fast decay phosphor.

    Will plasmas have audio out?
    what about new XD engine?
    a lot of people here watch DTV!
    XD Engine is improved compared to 2010.
    Yes, the plasma TVs have HDMI 1.4 audio rerun channel and optical audio out.

    Please can you ask if a decent wireless box is going to be released so the LW9500/LW7700/PZ950 can be mounted without cables.
    Whats the point in marketing a TV with wireless A/V features when there is no hardware to support it.
    Also if there is a wireless box will it stream 3D content, thanks.
    Yes. It's the same box as in 2010.
    Yes, it also streams 3D content.

    Please ask if the Smart TV will be available for the 2010 model LX9500 by firmware upgrade.
    This tv has already the magic motion remote controller and in the preview of the Smart TV they used a LX9500.(or looks very similar)
    The new Smart TV interface is exclusive for the 2011 models. LG going to launch Smart TV upgraded to allow older TVs to get the same features.

    Will the LW9500 and/or LW7700 have IPS panels (for better off-angle viewing)? -Ken
    Yes to IPS.

    Please ask when Flatpanels will get their sample of LW950W to review. And also how much this beauty will cost up here in scandinavia (Sweden) -Daniel
    Hopefully by end of February, LG says :)

    How are the inputs and outputs of the tv positioned? Are they facing down (so the tv is easily mounted on a wall?)
    Different from TV to TV. All the Cinema 3DTVs and the LEDs with local dimming have inputs pointing to the side or down. The plasma TVs have inputs pointing out.

    The LE8500 model was a superb tv in 2010, only downsize was the refelections. How are they dealing with the reflections for the 2011 models. Did they improve this? -Martin
    It's the same glass front on the 2011 models.

    Please ask for a review sample of the new plasma's (pz550 and px950). -sypack
    We will hopefully receive that soon but LG had no date yet.

    The question which models offer anti glare measures interests me most. i know the LEX series has a coating to prevent reflections, but what about the rest of the lineup? -Michael
    See previous answers :)

    How many zones in local dimming of different models including 72 incher? -wirk
    240 zones.

    I think it is very important to understand all the improvements inside nanoled tv in comparison with last year model lx 9500 because they are the hi end models.
    We will feature a full article later on the Nano technology so stay tuned.

    What's the type of ips panel inside nanoled tv? is it the same of lx 9500 ? Try to understand if LG is using SUPER LED IPS technology this year in their TV.
    Yes, same IPS technology but with the Nano backlighting system

    * What's the codename of the deinterlacing/scaler chip inside nanoled tv? is it the same of lx 9500? Try to understand if it improves the scaling of low-resolution internet videos
    * What's the technology called nanoled ? oh they are saying nanoled are brighter, clearer and smoother...
    * what are they referring when they say this sentence ? For example: Is Nanoled brighter than LG full-led ? Is Nanoled brighter than LG led-plus?
    But if brightness is an easy concept i have some trouble with the term clearer screen. Why nanoled are clearer ?

    Clearer equals brighter. LG couldn't get into details about the deinterlacing/scaler. the rest of the Nano questions will be answered later.

    Flatpanel found some banding in lg LX9500 review. How much is the banding of nanoled tv? Is it zero? Is it a little?
    LG says that the Nano technology has no such banding issues.

    How much is the halo effect of nanoled tv? Is it zero? Is it a little?
    It has been decreased thanks to the Nano technology but it's not 100 % gone.

    Speaking of uniformity are nanoled tv like plasma tv ?
    99 % uniformity LG claims.

    CINEMA 3D (passive) (lg low end models) against DYNAMIC 3D (active) (lg nanoled models)
    * I am interested to flatpanel's impressions but for me it's very important you do not forget to ask lg if the 3d material is BLU-RAY FULL HD 3D or a lower resolution (SAT type)
    We will get back to that in our reviews.

    Please ask the about the IRE near black bug in their plasmas. Is it still so, that the darkest shades of grey not reaching the upper, left and right side of the display?
    Difficult to answer in a short sentence but LG says that they believe this should be fixed in the new models but we will have to see in the later reviews.

    Please ask them about screenretention. Have they eliminated it? -Turrican4D
    LG says that they have managed to decrease retention every year, and they believe that their 3D panels have very, very little retention.

    Will there be Nano LED local dimming TV without 3D. I am technology purist, but i am not on the 3D bandwagon! -Kubic
    No Nano without 3D. But 3D is actually quite cheap to integrate so you're mostly paying for the advanced picture circuits and not the 3D, LG says.

    I would like to understand input lag for micro led model. it is so hight as the previous model also in game mode? -alpi
    We will have to do some thorough testing.

    Can you give information about input lag on nanoled model? can you give to us info about input lag on game-mode and no-gamemode? -phesx
    LG said it varied from model to model. We will try to answer this in our testing.

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