Philips 2013 TVs
Philips presents 2013 Smart TVs with multi-room

22 Feb 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

We heard nothing about Philips’ 2013 TVs at CES but Philips has now announced its new TV line-up. In 2013, Philips will focus on Smart TV, including a new multi-room function that allows you to stream TV channels to other devices in your home. Philips also keeps pushing minimalistic design and Ambilight.

Philips’ 2013 Smart TVs

Philips has unveiled its new European TV line-up, from the cheap 2900 series to the very capable 8000 series with all the most advanced features. The design of the 2013 TVs is quite similar to last year’s line-up with thin cabinets and extremely slim bezels. The high-end models come with a design in metal and glass.

Philips new 800 series
Philips’ new 8000 series in a design og metal and glass

Philips has increased its Smart TV focus. One of the new features is multi-room that enables you to stream TV channels to other devices in your home, including tablets and smartphones with the My Remote app. This even allows you to stream TV channels for example a bedroom TV (without a TV antenna connection). It works for pay TV channels, says Philips, but the TVs only have one integrated tuner so you cannot watch two different TV channels at the same time.

Philips news 7000 series
The 7000 series comes with a lower frame and base in either black or white

The TVs come with built-in WiFi as well as Miracast. With Miracast you can push pictures, video and music from an Android smartphone or tablet (Android 4.0 or above) to the TV screen. Philips’ Smart TV platform includes a range of TV services, they say, including for example Netflix.

Philips new 6000 series
The 6000 TV is a mid-range TV with Ambilight

Ambilight is still a key focus area for Philips. In recent years, the Ambilight system has started taking advantage of LEDs but the idea is still to project either a dynamic or static light onto the wall behind the TV to create a more immersive viewing experience. Philips has shot a short video for your pleasure with some thoughts on Ambilight.

All of Philips new TVs are based on LCD panels with edge LED backlighting but it is unclear what the different TV series offer.

Philips new 8000 series
Philips’ new 8000 series in a metal and glass design

FlatpanelsHD will offer a complete overview of Philips’s new TVs soon. The new TVs announced for Europe include the 8000, 7100, 7000, 6000, 5000, 4500, 4200, 4000 and 2900 series.

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