Details on Samsung's 2018 Q7FN and Q6FN TVs emerge

06 Mar 2018 | Rasmus Larsen |

Samsung’s flagship Q9N is not the only 2018 model that has leaked. We now have information on the 2018 Q6 and Q7 LCD models, too. Q7 will be available in flat and curved versions. The 65” Q6N is priced at $2200.

Samsung 2018 Q6 & Q7 TVs

Samsung’s 2018 “QLED” TVs were not supposed to be unveiled until tomorrow but we now have detailed information, pictures, and prices for Q9N, Q7N, and Q6N. The only one missing is Q8N.

Q7 will exist in flat (Q7FN) and curved (Q7CN) versions with edge-lit LCD panels enhanced by quantum dot. Q6 will be available only in a flat version. The 2018 models look largely like a continuation of last year’s models. Samsung claims “elite Class HDR” but after having reviewed several edge-lit LCD TVs over the past couple of years, we can say with confidence that HDR video requires some form of zone dimming on LCD TVs.

Samsung 2018 Q6N

- “A feat of TV artistry, the 2018 Q7 blends style and performance. One thin cable attaches everything cleanly to the TV that mounts flush to the wall,” a product listing on Amazon said. “The eye will savor the 2018 Q6. Welcome to the prestigious QLED lineup that tantalizes your vision with 1 billion+ shades of Q Color while Ambient Mode alters the screen into transparent like art.”

The 2018 Q6 and Q7 models have been confirmed in 65 and 75-inch sizes starting at $2200. This is a hefty price considering that you can get a 65-inch OLED TV for less. Unless retailers are planning deep discounts, Samsung is likely to continue on the downwards spiral that has sent its market share of premium TVs below 10%, according to Korean media. We hear that Samsung is also planning to release an 82-inch Q6 model.

Samsung 2018 Q7CN

Samsung once again highlights features such as the Tizen Smart TV, Bixby voice assistant, Universal Guide, and Ambient mode as well as support for HDR10, HLG, and HDR10+. The more affordable “QLED” LCD TVs will also feature the ‘Ultra Black Elite’ filter and wide color gamut panels.

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Q6 does not have the external ‘One Connect’ box as all inputs and outputs are located on the actual TV. The new Q7 will.

Samsung 2018 Q7CN

Samsung will officially unveil its 2018 TV line-up tomorrow on March 7.

Pricing details:
  • 65” Q6FN
  • 75” Q6FN
  • 65” Q7FN
  • 65” Q7CN

    Samsung 2018 Q7FN

    Samsung Q7N - specifications

    Flat (55”, 65”) or curved (55”, 65”, 75”) design
    LCD panel with Edge LED
    4K resolution
    Ultra Black Elite filter
    HDR formats: HDR10+, HDR10, HLG
    Tizen Smart TV with Universal Guide and SmartThings
    Ambient Mode
    One Connect Box & One Remote
    Bixby voice assistant

    Samsung Q6N - specifications

    Flat design
    49”, 55”, 65”, 75”, 82” sizes
    LCD panel with Edge LED
    4K resolution
    Ultra Black Elite filter
    HDR formats: HDR10+, HDR10, HLG
    Tizen Smart TV with Universal Guide and SmartThings
    Ambient Mode
    One Remote
    Bixby voice assistant

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