FlatpanelsHD strengthens focus on TV audio

14 Aug 2018 | Rasmus Larsen |

The TV market is entering a new phase with 4K HDR video and object-based audio. FlatpanelsHD will strengthen coverage of TV audio with a score model for reviews, recommendations, a TV audio section, and more editorial content.

Score model, recommendations, more

We will not be covering full-fledged HiFi systems comprising receivers and large speaker setups. There is a wealth of information from other media outlets covering this field with well-established test methodologies.

However, in the transition to amazing video quality there is a clear lack of focus on audio quality as TV manufacturers continue to down prioritize audio. The majority of viewers rely on poor built-in TV speakers. When we go to the cinema, we expect the whole package so what went wrong in the home entertainment segment? The full-scale HiFi system has remained niche for a number of reasons but new opportunities will arise with object-based audio and wireless audio protocols.

FlatpanelsHD believes that trends will intersect. Once cheap bluetooth speakers get replaced by WiFi-based wireless audio protocols, consumers will be able to more easily set up multiroom solutions for music and TV audio. Once intelligent room correction is paired with wireless object-based audio, consumers will gain flexibility to create solutions that no longer take over and dictate the living environment. And object-based audio technology will trickle down to affordable speakers. If we want more consumers to embrace good TV audio, we need more flexible and unobtrusive products.

FlatpanelsHD wants to be a part of this journey.

So we are introducing:

  • A score model for TV audio products based on the same dynamic score system used in our TV reviews.
  • Scores in reviews based on this model along with the option to see the ”nearest competitors” in the conclusion.
  • Upcoming reviews: Over the coming weeks, we will translate and publish reviews of TV audio products already published on our Danish site, including reviews of Sonos Beam, Polk Audio MagniFi Max, Sony HT-ST5000, Sony HT-ZF9 (Z9F), and others. You can also look forward to new TV audio reviews of recent and unannounced products.
  • TV audio product recommendations found in the same place where we already list recommended TVs and media streaming players.
  • TV audio product Awards as soon as we find products that deserve our Reference Award and Highly Recommended Award.
  • TV audio section where you will find all of our editorial content on the subject.

    As part of our review procedure for TVs we already comment on built-in speakers and we will, of course, continue this practice. Strengthening coverage of TV audio will not change anything relating to our dedication to TV picture quality. We can also soon reveal more cool new stuff that we have been working on.

    In short, we will be assessing and talking about the TV experience from a more holistic perspective, by focusing on picture, audio, and user experience. Follow FlatpanelsHD on RSS, Facebook, twitter, and YouTube, and subscribe to our newsletter. We hope that you will find it interesting.

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