CalMAN Home coming in April for $145

08 Mar 2019 | Rasmus Larsen |

CalMAN Home, first announced in February, will be released in four versions in April for $145. Each version supports AutoCal for a specific TV manufacturer, namely LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony.

Lower-cost calibration software

Portrait Displays explains that CalMAN Home has been designed to give consumers "a simpler, lower-cost option to calibrate the TV in their household". The software will support AutoCal – auto-calibration – as well as manual calibration.

At launch, four versions of CalMAN Home will be released, each priced at $145. More versions will follow later, the company said. Each version of the software comes with one year of updates. The first four editions are:
  • CalMAN Home for LG
  • CalMAN Home for Panasonic
  • CalMAN Home for Samsung
  • CalMAN Home for Sony

    - “CalMAN Home offers a simplified user experience that will produce excellent calibration results. Close attention was paid to ensure that the most utilized features were included in each CalMAN Home version and many advanced level features were streamlined, further simplifying the calibration process,” the company said.

    Display calibration usually requires three components; a colorimeter to measure the screen; a pattern generator to generate the video patterns; and software such as CalMAN. Select 2019 TV models from LG and Panasonic will have an integrated pattern generator. CalMAN Home will support both external and internal pattern generators.

    CalMAN Home will be available in April 2019 alongside CalMAN 2019 for professionals.

    A full list of supported TVs, features, pattern generators, measurements devices, and workflows can be found below.

     CalMAN Home for LG, Panasonic, Samsung & Sony TVs

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