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Samsung trademarks 'QLED Neo', 'QLED Platinum' & 'QLED+' for 2021 TVs

18 Nov 2020 | Rasmus Larsen |

Samsung has in recent weeks trademarked 'QLED Neo', 'QLED Platinum', 'QLED+', 'QLED Z' and 'Quantum Matrix', potentially hinting at its plans for 2021 TVs. And even 'Samsung QNED'.

Samsung TVs in 2021

Around this time last year, Samsung trademarked 'Dual LED', 'Zero Bezel' and 'Infinity Screen'. As you may recall, the company launched its almost bezel-less "Infinity" Q950TS 8K TVs just two months later at CES 2020 – and started using Dual LED in its mid-range models. Samsung has now trademarked 'QLED Neo', 'QLED Platinum', 'QLED+', and 'QLED Z' ahead of the launch of its 2021 TVs. German site 4KFilme first reported on the QLED+ and Z trademarks but the company has filed trademarks for other variations too, discovered by FlatpanelsHD, in various regions. All filed as trademarks related to televisions. At this time we can of course only speculate but "neo" means "new" or "a revived form", whereas platinum is a precious silver-white metal. All four variants would likely signify something better than standard "QLED TV", which is Samsung's marketing term for LCD TVs with quantum dots. So what is this new or better type of display? The two most likely candidates are miniLED-based LCD TVs, that Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch in 2021, or more excitingly QD-OLED TVs, that Samsung has been developing. Of course, it could be nothing; just Samsung covering its bases.

Samsung QNED

Samsung Electronics has trademarked 'Samsung QNED'

MicroLED and QNED

The company has also trademarked 'Quantum Matrix', which most likely refers to the LED backlight in an LCD TV – perhaps the miniLED-type mentioned before. It has even trademarked 'Samsung micro LED' and 'Samsung QNED', where QNED refers to Quantum Nano(rod) Emitting Diode, a new display technology. We do not expect Samsung to launch QNED TVs in 2021 but clearly the company is exploring the concept. Lastly, it has trademarked 'Wireless Rear Speaker Compatible' under the categories 'Televisions; Audio speakers', perhaps suggesting that buyers will be able to wirelessly connect optional rear speakers to their TV. After Samsung's failed attempt at launching OLED TVs in 2012/2013 to compete with arch rival LG, the company has been marketing LCD TVs as "QLED TVs" but has struggled to compete in the premium segment of the TV market. Its renewed focus on next-gen display technologies may change that. Lots of speculation so let us see what happens. The company is expected to reveal its plans for 2021 in early January at the virtual CES 2021. - Source: TMDN (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), 4KFilme

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