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Sony starts rolling out Apple TV app on 2020, 2019 & select 2018 TVs

27 Nov 2020 | Rasmus Larsen |

As part of a firmware update, Sony has started rolling out the Apple TV app (TV+ and iTunes movies) to its 2020 and 2019 TV line-ups. High-end 2018 models are also getting the app.
Update: Now also available in North America.

TV+ and iTunes movies

When Sony brought the Apple TV app to its XH90 (X900H) model in October 2020, it promised to also bring the app to its 2020, 2019 and select 2018 TVs in "over 100 countries and regions" before the end of the year. Well, here it is. Firmware v6.4960, which is rolling out now in Europe and coming soon to North America (update: now also available in North America), introduces the Apple TV app widely across Sony's TVs from the last few years. As far as we can tell, this includes all 2020 Android TVs models, most 2019 models (but not AG8, XG83, XG81 and XG80 at this time), and two high-end 2018 Android TVs (AF9/A9F and ZF9/Z9F). The full changelog and a list of compatible TV models can be found at the bottom. The Apple TV app provides access to the Apple TV+ subscription service with shows like The Morning Show, See, Defending Jacob and Ted Lasso, the full iTunes movie library (including all 4K HDR titles), and partner channels.

Apple TV app

Sony has confirmed to FlatpanelsHD that the app supports streaming in 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos on compatible TVs. Sony's new firmware also streamlines the user interface across the 2018-2020 Android TVs and includes various bug/performance fixes. And if you own the ZG9/Z9G, the firmware even includes HDMI 2.1 4K120 support. In addition to Apple devices and Sony TVs, the app is available on select LG, Samsung, Amazon Fire, Vizio, and Roku TVs and devices. Follow the link for a full list of TV devices with the Apple TV app, AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.

Sony: Firmware v6.4960 changes

Firmware update to v6.4960: - Improves the User interface of the following items (unifying applicable 2018, 2019 and 2020 models): -- Help Screen -- TV and notification menus -- Recorded title list -- Channel set-up -- Visual explanation of the Picture settings - Extended support for voice commands - Enables 4K-120Hz signal support for PS5™ (ZG9 model) - Introduces Apple TV app - Introduces a new parental control function that can limit viewing time - Introduces an automatic addition of frequently used apps/settings to the Input menu and Quick Settings - Adds accessibility shortcuts to Quick Settings - Introduces YouView application for UK (only) 2018 & 2019 models (already available on applicable 2020 models) - Improves the usability of HDMI connected devices - Enables set top box operation with the supplied TV remote control (2018 and 2019 models - already available on applicable 2020 models; availability depending on region and model) - Resolves an issue where channels switch by themselves after changing the channel order - Resolves an issue of no sound from the optical out after AC reset - Resolves an issue on OLED models where the screensaver is sometimes activated while watching HbbTV content - Resolves a network error issue caused by an incorrect system time setting - Resolves an issue where Dolby Atmos sound is sometimes distorted - Resolves an issue where the default DNS would always be set to a specific value - Resolves an issue in the Netherlands where teletext would not launch or would disappear - Improves the compatibility with CA Modules used in pay TV services (2018 and 2019 models) - Resolves an issue of intermittent sound drops in sound bars connected via HDMI ARC while watching content in streaming apps - Resolves an issue where the video freezes briefly while watching content in streaming apps

Applicable TV models: USA 2020 models: A8H, A9S, X800H, Z8H, X950H (55, 65, 75), X950H (49, 85), X850H series 2019 models: Z9G, A9G, X950G, X850G (55, 65, 75, 85) series 2018 models: A9F, Z9F series Europe: 2018 Sony TVs: KD-65AF9 KD-55AF9 KD-75ZF9 KD-65ZF9 2019 Sony TVs: KD-75XG9505 KD-65XG9505 KD-55XG9505 KD-75XG8505 KD-65XG8505 KD-65XG8577 KD-55XG8577 KD-55XG8505 KD-98ZG9 KD-85XG9505 KD-85ZG9 KD-55AG9 KD-65AG9 KD-77AG9 KD-85XG8596 KD-55XG8588 KD-55XG8599 KD-55XG8596 KD-65XG8588 KD-65XG8599 KD-65XG8596 KD-75XG8588 KD-75XG8599 KD-75XG8596 KD-75XG8796 KD-65XG8796 KD-55XG8796 AG8, XG83, XG81 and XG80 not included yet. 2020 Sony TVs: KD-85XH9505 KD-49XH9505 KD-49XH8505 KD-49XH8588 KD-49XH8599 KD-49XH8596 KD-49XH8577 KD-43XH8505 KD-43XH8588 KD-43XH8599 KD-43XH8596 KD-49XH9196 KD-43XH9196 KD-85XH8096 KD-75XH8096 KD-65XH8096 KD-55XH8096 KD-49XH8096 KD-43XH8096 KD-65XH8077 KD-55XH8077 KD-49XH8077 KD-43XH8077 KD-65XH8196 KD-55XH8196 KD-49XH8196 KD-43XH8196 KD-65A8 KD-65A87 KD-55A8 KD-55A87 KD-65A89 KD-55A89 KD-65A85 KD-55A85 KD-48A9 KD-75XH9505 KD-65XH9505 KD-55XH9505 KD-55XH8005 KD-49XH8005 KD-43XH8005 KD-85ZH8 KD-75ZH8

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