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'Avatar' and 'Titanic' to be remastered in High Frame Rate with TrueCut Motion

25 Jul 2022 | Rasmus Larsen |

You will soon be able to experience Avatar and Titanic on the big screen in High Frame Rate (HFR) using a special technique called TrueCut Motion to preserve the cinematic look.

James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment production company is working with Pixelworks' TrueCut Motion platform to remaster "multiple motion picture titles" including the two classics in 4K resolution, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and HFR (High Frame Rate).

- "We're bringing AVATAR and TITANIC back to the big screen, looking better in every way," said James Cameron. "We will be presenting both films in 4K with high dynamic range visuals and have been working with Pixelworks' TrueCut Motion platform to remaster the films in high frame rate, while keeping the cinematic look of the original."

The technical details were not disclosed so it is unclear if Cameron is referring to 48fps, 60fps or an even higher frame rate such as 120fps.

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HDR needs HFR

Why? HDR's higher brightness levels make judder inherent in the content more visible to the viewer. Combined with high pan speed, judder can become too prevalent and distracting.

Judder vs. brightness

Judder Equivalence vs. Luminance for Various Camera Pan Speeds

Ultra-fast displays such as OLED can make it even worse, creating a type of stroboscopic effect as discussed in FlatpanelsHD's in-depth TV reviews. Pixelworks' TrueCut Motion platform aims to solve the issue by letting filmmakers working with content in frame rates beyond 24fps adjust judder, motion blur and frame rate appearance on a scene-by-scene basis during post production in order to retain the cinematic look and avoid the soap opera effect.
TrueCut Motion technology provides filmmakers with a visual palette of cinematic motion looks that goes beyond anything previously possible. While motion pictures have seen tremendous improvements in picture performance, with higher resolution, higher dynamic range and more colors, the motion look has remained unchanged for close to a hundred years. TrueCut Motion technology allows filmmakers to dial in the motion, with any source frame rate, shot by shot, in post-production. The TrueCut Motion platform then ensures that these creative choices are delivered consistently across every screen, whether in the theater or the home.

Avatar 2 in HFR?

James Cameron did not comment on his approach for the upcoming Avatar movies but it is possible that the two remasters are part of a bigger project. Pixelworks believes that more filmmakers will want to take advantage of its HFR technology once they have seen the remastered versions. - "Lightstorm is once again extending the boundaries of the cinematic experience, and we are ecstatic to be a part of that," said Richard Miller, GM of TrueCut at Pixelworks. "After experiencing these remastered versions of AVATAR and TITANIC, we believe more and more filmmakers will be excited to take advantage of motion grading with TrueCut Motion technology."

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