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LG's 2024 OLED TVs (B4, C4, G4) are already FreeSync certified, up to 144Hz

23 Nov 2023 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG's 2024 OLED TV models will be known as B4, C4, and G4, and if we are to believe AMD's FreeSync certification database, C4 and G4 will support 144Hz VRR over HDMI, up from 120Hz.

LG is expected to unveil its 2024 TV line-up at CES 2024 in January. There has been some talk about second-generation MLA OLED with even higher brightness for the G4 series, but not much else has leaked until now.

A slip-up by AMD has now seemingly provided the first concrete details.

The 2024 models were certified for FreeSync Premium in September and October in 48, 55, and 77 inches. They are currently listed in AMD's database with a 40-120Hz VRR range for B4, 48-120Hz for QNED85 (LCD), and 40-144Hz for C4 and G4.

As you may know, LG's existing OLED TVs support up to 120Hz VRR, as this is the panel's maximum refresh rate. A jump to 144Hz would cater to PC gamers (game consoles do not support 144Hz) and mirror what Samsung and TCL offer in their current high-end models.

What else is new in 2024?

According to Korean media, LG will introduce the successor to its current Alpha 9 video and audio processor next year. It is expected to be called Alpha 10 and feature a powerful NPU (Neural Processing Unit). We also have the first pictures of the 55-inch LG C4 and 77-inch LG G4 OLED TVs from the Korean certification database. Based on the pictures, we speculate that the MLA OLED panel will once again be reserved for the G4 range and not make it to C4. Besides higher brightness and better efficiency, MLA OLED has a different anti-reflective coating, which seems to be observable in the photos below. FlatpanelsHD will be in Las Vegas for CES 2024, so stay tuned for more information.

LG C4 G4

55" LG C4 (left), 77" LG G4 (right)

- thanks for the tip Hristoslav

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