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New $299 C7 HDR Colorimeter can measure up to 10,000 nits

30 Nov 2023 | Rasmus Larsen |

Portrait Displays, the company behind the Calman calibration software, is introducing a new C7 HDR colorimeter designed for HDR measurement and calibration.

The company said that the new C7 is the "only colorimeter to measure from 10,000 nits down to 0.002 nits for just $299". The launch lowers the entry barrier to calibration and measurement of HDR displays.

Together with the Calman Home software for specific TV brands, consumers can get started without a pattern generator (that generates the patterns used for measurement) as many modern high-end TVs have the necessary patterns built-in – look for 'Calman Ready' TVs.

- "The C7 HDR Colorimeter (is) advancing the frontier of high-luminance accuracy and low-light capability. This marks a significant innovation in the realm of display calibration, offering an unprecedented combination of versatility, precision, and affordability that redefines the market," said Portrait Displays. "The C7 HDR can measure up to 10,000 cd/m² (nits), catering to calibration professionals and enthusiasts, and offers a remarkably low minimum luminance range down to 0.002 cd/m²."

Supports all display types, upgradable

The C7 HDR Colorimeter currently supports QD-OLED, WRGB OLED, RGB OLED, miniLED LCD, and micro-LED. It is designed to be upgradable, allowing for firmware updates to support newer display technologies in the future.

C7 HDR Colorimeter

The C7 HDR Colorimeter. Photo: Portrait Displays

It features a detachable cable for interchangeable connections between USB-C to USB-A or USB-C to USB-C. - "The C7 HDR embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of color calibration technology, ensuring that creators and consumers have confidence in content creation and consumption, a truly lens-to-living room experience," said Eric Brumm, President & CEO of Portrait Displays. The C7 HDR Colorimeter is available now from Portrait Displays' online store here, either as a standalone device or in a bundle.

C7 HDR Colorimeter – specifications

Luminance Range 0.002 cd/m² - 10,000 cd/m² Luminance Accuracy +/- 10% @ 0.002 cd/m², 16 second exposure Chromaticity Accuracy +/- 0.002 x, y @ 1.0 cd/m²* Exposure Time 256ms to 16 seconds Power Input Unfiltered Voltage Requirements 5v DC Current Requirements 100mA Physical Dimensions L x W x H 4.5”x2.5”x1.5” Device Connection Type USB-C

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