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Netflix will stop working on 2011-2013 Sony TVs, many Blu-ray players

15 Dec 2023 | Rasmus Larsen |

If you own a Sony TV from the HX, EX or W series, you will no longer be able to use the internal Netflix app after the end of February 2024. It will also affect Sony Blu-ray players.

Netflix is once again cleaning out apps. It has been confirmed to affect older Sony products, but other brands may also be impacted – Flatpanels is seeking details.

- "Netflix announced that after the end of February 2024, the Netflix app will no longer be supported on some 2011-2013 Sony TVs and Blu-ray Disc players due to technical limitations. You can continue to use the Netflix app until the end of February 2024. After this date, the Netflix service will be removed from the listed devices below," Sony announced.

Consider a streaming player

The change applies to Sony TV models in the HX, EX, and W series as well as the X9005 and S995. These are TV models from 2011, 2012 and 2013. It also applies to Sony Blu-ray players over a wide range.

Sony HX850

One of the affected products is Sony HX850, which was a popular model in 2012 and 2013. Photo: Sony

The last time Netflix phased out its app on older devices was in mid-October 2023, affecting Samsung Blu-ray players and Smart TVs from Sony, Panasonic, and Hitachi as well as the Sony PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. In 2019, Netflix was purged from a large number of older devices. FlatpanelsHD recommends purchasing a streaming box instead. They can be stored away, controlled with the TV's remote control, and offer a much better streaming experience, in addition to many other features. You can see which streaming devices Flatpanels recommends here. Below is the full list from Sony:

Affected Sony TVs and players

HX series KDL-55HX953 KDL-65HX953 KDL-55HX955 KDL-65HX955 KDL-55HX753 KDL-46HX753 KDL-40HX753 KDL-32HX753 KDL-32HX755 KDL-46HX757 KDL-40HX757 KDL-32HX757 KDL-46HX758 KDL-40HX758 KDL-32HX758 KDL-46HX759 KDL-40HX759 KDL-32HX759 KDL-55HX853 KDL-46HX853 KDL-40HX853 KDL-40HX855 KDL-55HX855 KDL-46HX855 KDL-55HX755 KDL-46HX755 KDL-40HX755 KDL-55HX950 KDL-65HX950 KDL-55HX750 KDL-46HX750 KDL-40HX750 KDL-32HX750 KDL-55HX751 KDL-46HX751 KDL-40HX751 KDL-32HX751 KDL-46HX756 KDL-40HX756 KDL-55HX850 KDL-46HX850 KDL-40HX850 KDL-40HX75G KDL-46HX75G KDL-55HX75G EX series KDL-40EX653 KDL-40EX655 KDL-46EX653 KDL-46EX655 KDL-26EX550 KDL-22EX550 KDL-32EX655 KDL-26EX555 KDL-22EX555 KDL-32EX653 KDL-26EX553 KDL-22EX553 KDL-46EX650 KDL-40EX650 KDL-32EX650 W series KDL-55W905A KDL-46W905A KDL-40W905A KDL-42W650A KDL-32W650A KDL-32W600A KDL-42W653A KDL-32W653A KDL-32W603A KDL-42W655A KDL-32W655A KDL-32W605A KDL-24W605A KDL-32W651A KDL-32W654A KDL-32W656A KDL-42W651A KDL-42W656A KDL-42W654A KDL-50W685A KDL-50W656A KDL-65W855A KDL-55W802A KDL-47W802A KDL-42W802A KDL-55W805A KDL-47W805A KDL-42W805A KDL-42W807A KDL-47W807A KDL-55W807A KDL-55W808A KDL-47W808A KDL-42W808A KDL-55W809A KDL-47W809A KDL-42W809A KDL-32W503A Other TVs KD-84X9005 KDL-65S995A Blu-ray systems BDP-S186 BDP-S185 BDP-S390 BDP-S490 BDP-S495 BDP-S590 BDP-S790 BDP-S1100 BDP-S3100 BDP-S4100 BDP-S5100 BDP-A6000 NSZ-GS7 BDV-N990W BDV-N890W BDV-N590 BDV-N790W BDV-E490 BDV-E690 BDV-E290 BDV-E190 BDV-EF420 BDV-NF720 BDV-NF620 BDV-EF220 BDV-E2100 BDV-E3100 BDV-E4100 BDV-E6100 BDV-EF1100 BDV-N7100W BDV-N7100WL BDV-N8100W BDV-N9100W BDV-N9100WL
- Source: Sony support

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