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LG will switch from IPS to VA LCD in some 2024 "QNED" TV models

15 Mar 2024 | Rasmus Larsen |

Known for its own wide viewing angle but low-contrast IPS LCD panels, LG will switch to the more popular VA LCD panel type in some models this year, including QNED90T/91T.

At an event in Frankfurt, Germany, yesterday, LG demonstrated its line-up of 2024 OLED and LCD models. One thing that caught our eye was the 98-inch QNED89T. It is obviously huge but also quite different from other LG "QNED" models, i.e. LCD TVs with 'Quantum Nanocell miniLED'.

That is because it is using a VA LCD panel, confirmed by FlatpanelsHD, rather than LG's own IPS LCD panel type. VA has narrower viewing angles but higher contrast than IPS. All of the most popular LCD TVs today, including those from Samsung ('Neo QLED'), Sony, and TCL ('miniLED'), are built on VA LCD.


LG's 98-inch uses VA LCD instead of IPS LCD. Photo: FlatpanelsHD

We believe that the VA LCD panel inside the 98-inch QNED89T is made by TCL CSOT. LG's first 98-inch TV looks promising, although it does not feature the same advanced 5000-zone miniLED local dimming as TCL's X955, so it will ultimately depend on the price point. LG informed FlatpanelsHD that 98QNED89T will be available in select regions only.

Panel lottery in QNED90T/91T

Even more noteworthy is the fact that LG's QNED90T / QNED91T will also switch to VA LCD. This is LG's premium LCD TV with miniLED zone dimming. The number of zones was not disclosed.
For what it's worth, the model on display was the 65QNED91T6A. Photo: FlatpanelsHD
At the Frankfurt event, the 65-inch QNED91T on display was confirmed to be using a VA LCD panel, resulting in markedly improved contrast and picture performance in a dark room but on the other hand narrower viewing angles. Asked about the situation, LG confirmed that it will be using VA LCD in QNED90T / QNED91T in some sizes (86" will always be IPS) and regions. LG could not make any definite statements as to when a buyer can expect VA or IPS, so it is effectively another panel lottery. Also read: Beware of the 2024 Samsung OLED TV panel lottery While the switch to VA LCD in at least some QNED90T / QNED91T models is a net positive, it remains to be seen if the TV can compete directly with more popular LCD models from other brands this year.

LG QNED90T – specifications


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