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3D movies are for the first time available at home in 4K resolution, Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio. FlatpanelsHD has created the 3D movie database to give you an overview, with filters and search, including information on 'real 3D' movies (not just converted from 2D) and High Frame Rate (HFR) releases.

At this time, 3D 4K movies are available only on the Apple Vision Pro headset. Purchased movies from the Apple TV app are upgraded to 3D free of charge, but not if they are redeemed through Movies Anywhere. As device support expands, we will update the 3D movie database accordingly. We'll keep the list updated. Are we missing some titles? Please share your findings in the comments.
IMDb rating:
Real 3D = Filmed or rendered (animation) in 3D, not converted from 2D 4K DI = 4K Digital Intermediate, edited in 4K (special effects may be lower) 2K DI = 2K Digital Intermediate, edited in 2K & upscaled