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We are traveling to Frankfurt on Monday for Panasonic's 2019 launch event. At CES, Panasonic unveiled its GZ2000 flagship TV and in Frankfurt the full TV line-up for 2019 will be unveiled.

Is there anything in particular that you want to know? We can put your questions on our list.
When will it be flat for wall mounting. = "one-connect" box with all connections.

For me it's riddle why they don't use the biggest advantage of OLED design to make the screen flat on the wall!! To be honest at OLED wall mounted Tv look like real crap today. Don't you agree? With 5 cm air between the screen and the wall. Hello wake up OLED manufactures. This should be standard 2019.

LG solution sucks aswell with a large plastic "scart" wire and useless playbar. I want to use my own HIFI and and small wire like Samsungs solution.

This is the same reason why noone wanted a curve tv it look like crap.
Don't they have any designers on the teams on this companies?
Completely agree - thought it was just me who hates the look of most of these wall mounted!

Actually my sister's husband bought a new Panasonic 952, she's got limited interest in AV, but her immediate response was that it looked terrible on wall.

They've booked a builder to build a cavity to recess it properly.

At the moment, the lack of wallpaper-ish options is stopping me from upgrading.

Maybe too few OLED buyers wall mount, so this issue is of no concern to the brands.....but I wish it was
Unfortunately, no news about a "one connect" box from Pana. And for the record, I agree. If only LG's W-series was a lot cheaper...

I say remove all of the analog circuits, TV tuners, and other legacy components as well as the speakers (replace with wireless audio protocols instead), and create an elegant and simplistic TV. I've asked the manufacturers the same questions now for years.
Hallo Rasmus! First of all Thank you for all the information you're giving us. I would like you to ask Panasonic whether the flagship model GZ2000 will let us choose to use the soundbar, the stereo or the home theatre in combination with the Tecnics speakers it has inside or instead we have to choose alternatively between the external devices and the tv audio system.