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By 70445
Looking to some advice on which tv to buy and type of tv. I usually watch general tv, sports and so on, no movies or Netflix. Is one better than the other? Seems like all the higher end tv are oled. I have a Sony x850D currently. Looking at a Sony X900F or a LG C8. Recommendations?

Thank .you for any help!
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By Rasmus Larsen
For general TV and sports, LCD TVs are great. If you are not planning to watch any HDR movies or TV series for the foreseeable future, I think you will be satisfied with an upper mid-range LCD TV. But just curious, why are you replacing your X850D? If you want improved performance you should step up to zone dimming LCD or OLED, yes. Sony X900F and C8 are both great options.
By MayklLof
Some of the higher end LEDs are nice but that night and day difference carries over to regular content because oled is just straight up better.