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By Gabrial
Hello everyone,,
I was wondering if it's possible to turn a smart TV (with its own OS), into an android TV.

Since my smart TV built-in OS doesn't seem to be updated anymore and there being no good apps for it.

Is it possible maybe to install it with through a USB or are there alternatives methods (besides fire-stick, chromecast, apple tv, etc...)???
You can't install Android on your TV but you can connect a box like the Nvidia Shield TV or Xiaomi Mi TV to the TV via HDMI. Depending on your TV the remote control that comes with the box will be able to do basic TV control such as turn on/off (via the HDMI connection).

Apple TV runs tvOS and FireTV runs FireOS. If you want the best user experience for general app use plus a wide selection of apps my recommendation would be Apple TV.
By stanliv
I have a connected TV for almost a year, a Phillips 55PUS6412 Android TV and I am fully satisfied. I have always had problems with other "modern" TVs for their respective times, because of their horrendous slowness associated with the recurrent incompatibility with this or that techno (one did not read the NTFS disks, the other did not anticipate the arrival of H265, etc.).
This TV is super fluid, often updated and allows me more than any other. In two buttons I find myself instantly on Youtube (compatible in 4k!) To check my favorite channels. I also installed Kodi which allows me to directly access my movies and series stored on the computer, otherwise netflix / mycanal / etc. are all available and perfectly fluids. I also have an unofficial application to access paid channels. It usually takes an android box for that and so it's no longer necessary here.