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I am about to buy a new TV, and I would be interested into buying a Panasonic 42G30 or a Panasonic 42GT30, but I have readen that video games can burn the screen and I will certainly buy a Playstation 3 in the next months, ....
So is it true that the video games could burn the screen ?
Some people advised me the Sony EX721 LED. What do you think about it ? Or is there another LED you could advise, please ?

Thank you very much in anticipation :)

- avragorn -

The problems presented to a current day plasma from gaming are the same problems you can get from watching a feed from cable or sat. If your watching Sportcenter on ESPN 12 hours a day you can expect burn in. If you plan on playing the same game 12 hours a day you can expect similar results. If you watch different content from different sources you should be fine. The GT30 is not a comparable model to either TVs. In my opinion the GT30 is far better than that other two options. Due to all the extras you get from Sony via the internet. I would get the EX721 over the G30 but go for the GT30 if you have the extra money.

New to the site and its amazing. The reviews are very practical.