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By Vatharian
I'm looking into buying new display for my PC. Sadly I'm also looking at dimensions unavailable for standard PC monitors... at least not below price of a new car. And here comes the Panasonic TX-L32E3. This is probably first IPS-based TV out there, and I'd like to know if anyone ever tried to use it as PC's only video output. So far, I had Sharp LC32X20E, it proved to be excellent gaming/video 'monitor', but for daily use it sported unbearable low-contrast text blurring (i.e. red font on dark-grey background was unreadable), and it was frankly a little to big. I'm using Dell 3008w among other IPS monitors now at work and I think 32" is exactly what I need. And most importantly I can't look at TN anymore. So if it's possible if anyone has this kind of TV, please share information, how it performs.