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XRaVer wrote:So ... let's forget about the 1080p OLED ... and wait to see what Samsung has reserved us this year .
Thanks once again and keep up your excellent work and reviews.
You're welcome and feel free to get back to me later. I'll be glad to help to the extent I can :)
Ambi wrote:Is it true today that LCD will never beat for 2D picture quality a good plasma and OLED because of the black levels are far more superior.
I have a another issue I watch a lot of SD Indian Sky channels so a good 4K
panel will produce a poor picture? What options do I have?
Well, black is certainly important but there are many other aspect to consider so it would require a more complicated answer. I would rate proper picture processing high on that list.

SD channels, well, there is not much you can do to improve it. Some TVs struggle to de-interlace and upscale SD content and in our years of reviewing TVs we have found Sony and Panasonic usually do it the "correct way". A bad upscaler can sometimes make thing look worse. However, there is no way to really improve SD picture quality if that is your source signal. It will always look soft until you get a better source signal. A deeper black will help give the picture a more punch and depth but it will still look soft and a blurry.

Are all your sources in SD or do you have HD channels, too? I know I kind of talked you into considering a 4K TV but if you only watch SD and HD channels and expect to do that for years to come it might be a better choice to just go with a HD TV as you suggested yourself. I don't know the options available in your market, though.