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By fableman
#12599 Hey everybody!

Just went though an RMA process of my 65KS8002 (had some debris under the glass) and Samsung was kind enough to deem it as defective. Now I'm being offered a few options to choose from by the seller:

  • 65Q7F, but I'm not sure I'd want to deal with brightness issues if I get a faulty sample (see rtings review); ~2499 euros
  • 65Q8F, no reviews could be found, so it'd basically have to take a leap of faith with it; ~3100 euros
  • 65XE9305, good reviews, recommended by a lot of people, but only has 2 4k60p+HDR HDMI capable ports and I already have 3 devices capable of using them (another option is to get a HDMI switch); ~2100 euros
  • a few OLED TVs from LG (B7 or C7), to be fair, scared of image burn-in and uneven pixel ageing as I'm mostly playing and watching letterbox content

I'd be glad to hear some opinions on the matter.

P.S. Forgot to mention, they also offered me a 400 euro discount on Q8F (so I'd have to add about 600 euros to the original amount I paid for KS8002) and a gift (some Star Wars themed robot vacuum cleaner).
By akinom
#12600 Good morning,

Honestly the answer is quit easy.
I checked the last 12 months also the right 65 inch TV. Bought last December the XD 93 from Sony. Unf it was broken because of wrong delivery and I had to give it back. Shop didnt had any new one in stock, so got back the money and bought because of economic reason (1100 Euro) the XD 8505.
Unf I didnt read the review on this webpage before. And unf the author of this article here about the sony 65 xd 8505 was absolutley right. Good TV during day time, in dark rooms totally crap because of no black at all. Plus HDR u can just forget. Ok was, as i said, an economic shopping. So the last 12 months was checking for a new TV and the Q7-Q8-Q9 pls XE 9303 pls the LG C7 (same panel as B7 but nicer food + optic and triple tuner incl.) were the candidats. Budget up to 2300 euro. Therefore my dream TVs the Z9 or A1 were falling out.

Before the Sony I always had Samsungs plasmas. But honestly this Q marketing campaign is really just good marketing. Samsung is to proud to buy OLED panels as all others from LG. Both S Korea. And the quality of the picture in total can not come even close to the OLED panels of LG or the Sony XE 9305. They are doing a really good marketing campaign but when it comes to natural colours they are out.
As u said OLED is still a new technique and the only really plus towards the leds is the black level. Everything else as movements, natural colours, max light... the Sony 65 XE 9305 is the winner.
So I just bought two weeks ago the Sony 9305 (offer was 1990 euro).
And what should I say even the black is really super good! Of course not as perfect as the OLEDS but totally enough even for TV nerd as I am.
If u are watching far from the side u c always hallows and clouds (not nice) but if u watch from more or less in front its nearly as black as OLEDs or as old good plasmas, so totally fine.
U should find some shop who can darken down their showroom and compaire urself. For gamers (I am not) its even better then the Z9 and the best TV on the market so far. The issue, that the 9305 has just two HDMI spots for 4K HDR is really not understandable. But if u can handle it with a switch, my recommandation for u is the SONY 65 XE 9305.
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By fableman
#12601 Thanks for your input! I've already made up my mind and decided on going forward with XE9305 as it seems to be the best value/quality for money. And yeah, only 2 fully-fledged HDMI ports in 2017 is a bit inconvenient, but I probably can cover that with a HDMI switch as I mentioned before.