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By Kuschelmonschter
#8036 Hey guys,

I was just googling around a bit concerning Gyro-based remotes and what the general opinion on it is nowadays. I couldn't find much, basically only some reviews praising it as the next big thing in navigation when LG first revealed its Magic Remote some years back.

I don't really like the idea. So far I only tried the MINIX NEO A2 as AirMouse within Kodi and I found navigation to be much more cumbersome than a simple D-pad remote (given the UI is well optimized for this kind of navigation).

I would actually like to see more focus on voice control. That's why I like the news of Google putting its Assistant on Android TV very much. Current voice control on Android TV is far from a modern A.I.

What is your opinion on LG's Magic Remote and AirMouse control in general? To me it seems like the initial hype has ceased already and they are starting to add simple D-pad remotes to their TVs again.

By Lethal-Lenny
#8070 I recently got an LG TV with a magic remote. Personally I really like it, my previous TV was a 2016 Samsung but it went back due to a screen fault. Comparing the two, WebOS is faster and a more pleasurable experience than Tizen. The magic remote makes for faster more fluid navigation but when I want to go into the settings menu and make lots of changes which are close on screen I can press the d-pad and the magic pointer disappears. I find the d-pad better for fine adjustments, best of both worlds.