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By Sussan
#12359 Hey y'all, I am learning a lot on this forum all ready and I am hoping to learn more and more soon. Right now I have a question about Smart TV's. My parents have expressed interest in getting a smart TV lately and if they do the same thing they did with their '3D' TV then it will be some crappy TV they pay way too much for that was on the shopping channel. I want to surprise them with an early Christmas present and get them a good one that won't fail in the first year instead.

What brands would you suggest for smart TVs? I would like to get something by Microsoft to be honest lol, seeing all these in house operating systems makes me laugh. But I know that is not an option, so who would be a good company to look at if the main people using it are not very tech inclined? Budget is quite high, I got a nice bonus for work this Summer and would not mind treating my parents with it :)

I wound up browsing the local classified ads for a Smart TV, thinking that people would be upgrading after the new announcements from Apple. I was right, as I found someone selling their LG smart TV for really cheap at I contacted the seller and brought some stuff to test the TV with and left with it in my car. Bringing it to my parents tomorrow so they can watch the Monday night game :)