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By John Stro
hi guys,

Can any one please suggest a good LED 3D TV with 4K HDR capabilities, I am looking for 55" upward range. My plasma LG 60PX990 lost picture and sound. and forcing me to look for a new set.
I was looking into OLED option but they are very expensive and have IR issues.
So please suggest something decent ;)

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By webhostnews
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By MayklLof
Experience 4K UHD resolution even in 3D Each of your eyes will see a 4K UHD 3D image (something many 3D TVs can't provide) for incredible depth and realism. Two pairs of active 3D glasses are included. Additional pairs sold separately. ... Id=5480900

But projectors are still including 3D and even still working to improve 3D, so it seems they are not dropping it any time soon.