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By Hesinki
#17207 Hello everyone,,
I recently bought a 4K Sony TV and I've been mainly watching Netflix on it since. I finally am mounting it and decided to get cable and/or a streaming TV service to enjoy as well.

The channels I consider a "must have" are ABC, FOX, CNN, TNT, ESPN, Animal Planet (or National Geographic).

Channels I'd like to have but can live without: the CW, Discovery, Food Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, HBO, Comedy Central, NBA TV, TBS, truTV, SYFY.

Ideally I'd like as many of these channels possible while keeping the price relatively low. And I'd really like to have a high picture quality in order to make the best of the TV.

I was browsing online and saw that Xfinity offered $80 for 150 Mbps internet and 140+ channels that include a lot of the ones I am looking for. I don't know what other fees there are on top of that (or if the speed is sufficient for 4K streaming) so I was wondering if there are better deals out there.