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By bartd
Philips delivered their 42" 7404 and 8404 models with LG panels. From december 2009 on they used sharp panels.
I think it's important to know of this 9664 had a LG or Sharp panel ?
The LG panel should have better viewing angles than the sharp.
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By Rasmus Larsen
9664H is using a LG panel described as "196 LCD LGD WUF SBM2 42" in the service menu.

I guess that's why they have trouble delivering 9664H in most contries. The supply is simply tight.

It's true that Philips has been using both LG and Sharp panels in some series which is not very good as they have very different picture characteristics. A change between Samsung S-PVA and Sharp ASV is a better mix if manufacturers really wish to change panels in a TV. Most high-end Philips models utilizes Sharp panels, though.
By victoralo
I congratulate you for your reviews which are accurate and well developped.
but I am very surprised not to find a word about 9664h or 9704's design. I think that the best designed TVs ever seen. A word from you about it should have been justified.

best regards
By icorrefiare
it seems we have tha same problem. I just bought the Philips 32PFL7962 and the vogels VFW032 standard mount. I dont know what to do. Did you find any solution yet?
By cuppombobic
thanks for the reviews nice to see that you still have your sites up and running after a year... awesome