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By OL92
Thanks for your review. Did you notice some input lag with this monitor ? How does it compare to U2711 in this area.
By Except
I ordered one of these, had to get it in Germany because it wasn't available in the Netherlands yet.

It was dead on arrival. Just does nothing. Fujitsu support isn't very helpful. Seems their quality control isn't quite up to par to ship out a gigantic box with a completely broken device.

Good picture quality matters little if there is no picture.
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By Rasmus Larsen
I have returned the monitor now but I recall (I'm not 100% sure) that there's a physical on/off switch somewhere on the monitor. Have you tried to push that?
By Except
That's correct, there's a switch, but it's not an on-off switch, it's a switch which determines the eco-mode. After putting it back in the box, we also noticed the actual screen was kinda loose in its casing. Poor production tolerances there.

In any case, the monitor was completely dead no matter what position the switch was on, with whatever set of cables or inputs on a multitude of computers. That kind of settled it. What was really hilarious was how Fujitsu handled it. Let me share our experience, in the hope it'll do anyone some good.

Basically, as it turns out, Fujitsu have zero quality control on their products when they leave the factory. Mind, you this also means they have zero adjustment and fine tuning of the product. This means the quality of the image you'll get is anyone's guess. Your test example might have been tested and perhaps even color corrected, as it performs so well out of the box. It would be my guess that this is either totally lucky or they did adjust it because they knew it was up for testing.

After notifying Fujitsu the monitor was Dead on Arrival (DOA), they didn't offer to replace it, no they offered to repair it. Which means that for the price of a new monitor, you get a refurbished one. As I live in a small country, this probably means some guy with a screwdriver in the back of some office will open it (dust free environment? I doubt it) and mess around with is. Several weeks later you can then expect your messed-with and now hopefully functional device, weeks after you should have had it, tampered with and probably still not quality checked. It is actually against the law to do that here, as DOA means they are by law obliogated to replace it immediately.

I bought probably over 50 monitors in my life of this caliber, starting with 21" IDEK Iiyama monitors on 386 computers, going through Eizo's, sony's, paradise, Siemens, Digital, Dells, HPs, just to name a few. I have rarely seen such lack of quality control, and customer service. I've seen companies go against the law before, but usually resellers, not the manufacturers themselves. Since Fujitsu is rather new to this game, they seem to have totally missed the point of high performance IPS monitors, and treat them like 50 euro consumer gadgets. A large part of a good monitor is reliability, service and its performance out of the box. All three are out of the window here.

So, if anyone wants my advice: get a dell. Even though I'd prefer never to buy Dell either, because of their poor customer service and their iffy sales practices, it's at least not as bad as Fujitsu's lottery.

The monitor's been shipped back now with a letter demanding a refund. We'll see how that goes :)

Thanks for the review!
By musique
Except, why don't they honor the supposedly 3 year warranty to replace, repair etc? Very sorry to hear your ultimate nightmare experience.

I am in Fremont, CA and I have seen their local office in Sunnyvale .. I swear! They suck at customer service, otherwise they would've answered to my email, send them about three days ago.

It's a great looking monitor, no doubt. I don't think it will be available in the US.
By brottochstraff
What is the differens from Fujitsu P27T-6P IPS (notice the P in model name) And also what about Backlight Bleeding? Is the monitor white or like "old IBM" white, like almost beige?

Thanks for the review :)
By rhore
Fujitsu P27T-6 has the following picture setting options: Brightness, Contrast, Black level, Auto Brightness, Sharpness and expansion.it comes with a range of inputs such as D-SUB (VGA), DVI, 2xHDMI and DisplayPort.but it lacks certain qualities when compared to Dell.