A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By Adamus
Cool review of cool TV :)

Mr, i got few Questions to you :
- calibration posted in review is for 2D picture or 3D (both?) ?
- going to buy new LED in incoming months so tell me please, which model is better 830E or 925E ? (still cant decide...)

ps. what about new Toshiba 2011 Led TV line ? any chance for Y/WL863 review in future ?
ps2 Sorry for my english...
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By Rasmus Larsen
Adamus wrote:Cool review of cool TV :)

Mr, i got few Questions to you :
- calibration posted in review is for 2D picture or 3D (both?) ?
- going to buy new LED in incoming months so tell me please, which model is better 830E or 925E ? (still cant decide...)

ps. what about new Toshiba 2011 Led TV line ? any chance for Y/WL863 review in future ?
ps2 Sorry for my english...
1. Yes, you can use the calibrated settings for 3D as well. The only thing is that scanning backlight is not active for 3D.

2. I would personally pick the LE830 - no doubt.

Yes, we hope to receive the new 2011 Toshiba TVs as well. :)
By Tomeo
Hi Rasmus,

Just saw your 830 review. Thanks for that! Great to see that you confirm the hardware improvements on the 2011 serie.

Important question: you mentioned that the trailing issue is still visible. Did you have a chance to notice it in video games? If yes, and in your opinion, would you say that the issue it equal to what we had on the 925 or is it lighter? I really don't want to face to the same situation I had with the 925, it was a reall mess.

And are you talking about blue/purple trailings or is it a different effect this time?

By TeunVR
Thanks for the great review, it is so hard to pick a decent LCD set this year.
I'm coming from a pana g10 and have to switch to lcd because my girlfriend is very sensitive to the buzz.
This 830 is a serious option now, besides the LG LW5500, Samsung D7000/8000 or Philips 7606 (no reviews yet).

However i find it a bit strange that another review site has quite a different opinion about this Sharp.
I dont know if i am allowed to post the link here, please let me know if it's not:
http://www.digitalversus.com/sharp-aquo ... 4_106.html

They say the display is reflective while you say it is matte.
Also their input lag is much higher and blacklevels are worse?

to be honest, i have much more convidence in your review ;)
By Tomeo
@TeunVR > Don't give too much importance to this review. All tests made by "Lesnumeriques.com" are bullshit. It's not a Pro web site at all. Few details in the review, strange tests protocols...etc...Forget it. And FYI, the 830 panel is definitely matte contrary to the US 835 which is glossy.

If you want good reviews, have a look at the below ones (835 US + 831 UK):

http://www.digitaltrends.com/tv-reviews ... 5u-review/
http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio- ... 793/review

And ya, Flatpanel's reviews are definitely the best ones ;)
By music
Nice review Rasmus ;)


I am also very curious about the new Toshiba series.
Personal, i hope you wil will be review the Toshiba VL863
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By TeunVR
Your second link points to a 46LE831E, which is according to the review a Full-LED TV? I dont think that is really correct. But if the reviewers think it is full-led is must be a really good edge-led then :)
By entity
I would like to know if this TV has any buzzing? I ask because I bought a Panasonic G20 last year and cannot put up with the buzzing from it any longer
By Tomeo
@TeunVR > Indeed Techradar made a mistake by saying that the 831 is a full LED. But as you mentioned if they though it was a Full Led it means that the 83x is an excellent edge-led! :)
By robergo
I bought this led tv yesterday and when the screen is totally black is visible a terrible clouding effect which consists in a series of "white stains" whit consequent not uniform retroillumination
By GT6566
Rasmus...Thank you for your nice review.

I have been looking at the 835 to replace my 61'' dlp which has a matte finish screen. I have been to Best Buy to look at the 835 and it has a GLOSSY front screen and not the MATTE finish. I have found that the 832 has a matte finish and is 240 refresh rate. The 830-(US) has a 120 refresh rate. Would not the 832 be a much better choice? I would love to have the 835 but my room is very bright and would prefer the matte finish. Also would you recommend another choice. ( 3d is not a big concern for me)

The 832 is available at BJ's for $2000 - $200 instant rebate - $1800. Not bad for a 60'' w/ 240hz

I went to Sharp's web site and the 830 and the 832 are the same except for the refresh rate.
I am assuming that the stats for the 832 will be very similar to the 830 ???

The sale ends on July 10 and would like some advice as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help
By Libertine
Just wanted to put down that compared to Sony's Tvs i've viewed and the one i own, this Sharp has very good 3D picture quality. Its very bright, the glasses don't seem to dim the picture nearly as much as the Sonys. Were talking a factor of 2 it seems like. It also has little effect on the colors, unlike the Sonys, which totally kill the colors and contrast ratio. Crosstalk is also diminished over my NX711 (aka NX710). I switched back and forth between them, trying to make up my mind and the Sony makes some 3d screenshots look like a blurry mess compared to the Sharp having very little crosstalk in the same scenes. The colors in 2D are great too. I can turn up the color setting on the Sony, but many colors get washed out. With the Sharp, colors seems to look as they should, while also being bright and vibrant.

That said, im returning the Sharp even though 3d was my main concern...

It has super high input lag in 1080p24 3d, I think since it increases the number of frames displayed to reduce flicker, which otherwise would be a amazingly welcome feature. It also has a weird image processing issue, which may be intended since another 835 i saw had it too. On any horizontal line and horizontal line between two colors, there are "teeth" across the line, all of them. Every other pixel is the wrong color it seems like, forming what look like small teeth. It totally kills 2d image quality. I use my Tv as a monitor and i know my desktop images very well and this totally ruins, and i mean just kills the detail on the image. When 3d is enabled, but im in the desktop in 2D (in Nvidia's video card settings and the screen is also set to 24hz), the screen looks normal in 2D (the screen is getting a 3d input signal). In input lag in 2D in amazingly low, lower than my Dell monitors i think, but then there is this problem, where the detail is ruined in 2D.......

Its a real shame, because i was so ready to shout from the rooftops about this Tv.