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By vik123
Thank you for the review.

I'd like to know which one would you recommend. The old u2311h or this new 2312hm?

Thank You
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By Rasmus Larsen
vik123 wrote:Thank you for the review.

I'd like to know which one would you recommend. The old u2311h or this new 2312hm?

Thank You
Depends on the price. Dell U2311H is discountinued now, so I guess it is selling cheaper in most countries right now, right? If price is left out of the equation I would probably say U2312HM.
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By Rasmus Larsen
Urzgisch wrote:Hello Rasmus!

What do you think, when will be the test for the LG NANO LW980T online?

I have no date yet. I have pushed LG for an answer a few times but they seem to be getting no official words from South Korea. We'll just have to wait a little longer. I'll announce when we have received the TV on the front page as soon as it's here. :)
By wesslan
LG have the opportunity to have their Nano 55LW9800 and Panasonic to have the 65VX300 added to the shoot-out evaluation 8-9 oct. Seems like we could see some nice tests soon in other places.
By shiver1111
I'm thinking about buying this monitor for casual gaming and other tasks. I'm replacing my 6 years old EN7600 17".

What I am curious about though, why did you class the U2311H as a recommended gaming monitor and not this one? What is the difference?

In my price range, this seems to be the only alternative that has an ergonomic stand. It should be an upgrade nonetheless since my current monitor is very old. Do you think I would be satisfied with it?
By csil

I currently have a Dell SP2309W and was wondering if, in terms of picture quality, this monitor would be considered an upgrade. I'm not too familiar with IPS, beyond knowing that it is generally better, but that, as mentioned in the article, there are some compromises. I would also be giving up some resolution, as the monitor I have is 2048x1152.

Anyone familiar with both models, or anyone who can provide a recommendation, in general?

By albatros_la
Some time ago I was taking a look to budget IPS monitors like DELL U2311H and NEC EA232WMi. Nowadays the first one has been substituted by the DELL U2312HM, which seems better from several standpoints, not so much from other ones. In the recent past the NEC was quite expensive compared to the DELL one, and seemed suffering some light bleeding issues. However the EA232WMi dropped its price and today it costs about the same price DELL tags its U2312HM. I don't know if NEC has actually solved the light bleeding problem (any user experience is welcome!), however DELL and NEC 23in IPS displays are know quite similar. Same size, same panel type, nearly the same black level, brightness, and contrast ratio, similar price (at least, here in Italy, even though NEC features 2 years warranty while DELL offers just one year).
That said, the review compared the new DELL monitor with the older model and its big brother the U2410M, but the NEC rival is not mentioned. So eventually if you have to choose between the NEC and the DELL 23in displays which is the one you think would be the best choice?