A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
Hi, I have some question about your LED-TV Reviews.
I saw that Color accuracy(calibration) was evaluated by certain program.
http://www.flatpanelshd.com/pictures/so ... oer-1l.jpg

On the left side, CIE 1931 xy, on the right side, dE94 graph for each colors.

Can you let me know the reason that you used dE94 for measuring display color difference?
As I know, dE94 was made for evaluating graphic arts or textile, is it also able to applicable on evaluating display?
And what is the basis of the following criteria? Are they official standard?

The graph says this:The number on the left is the delta value. Delta is a difference between two factors; here it’s the difference between the measured color on the panel and the actual color that is our target.
• A delta value lower that 2 results in a visible deviation from the actual color.
• A delta value over 4 or 5 results in wrong colors.
• A delta value between 1 and 2 results in precise but not perfect colors.
• A delta value lower than one results in almost perfect colors. The target is 0.
• Everything between 0 and 1 is barely visible to the human eye.


I'm sorry about my bad English.
The graph to the right showing delta values is pretty much just a deviation chart for select colors (more could be added but it is kept simple to aid our many readers). Delta is the difference from the reference to the actual displayed color. We use it for both monitors and TVs but we change to color reference according to today's PC monitor standard and the HDTV standard, respectively.

We could also, theoretically, use other references (and we sometimes do to examine for example an AdobeRGB profile on a monitor).

The CIE chart is to show if the monitor/TV is in compliance with the color spectrum (again defined by our reference).

Yes, all these are official standards used when producing video/picture content. The role for the monitor maker or TV maker is not to optimize colors (although most see it as their role) but to comply with the industry standards.