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By noni5

thanks for the calibrated settings. did you tweak the hue and saturation settings at all? if so, could you post them too?

By Nickdak
I have been a life-long Philips customer and after going back and forth between Samsung and Philips, I purchased the 55 inch 8008 model.

Generally, I am extremely happy with the screen and the tv and its features. I have set it up using the settings in your review, in particular I set the Picture Profile to ISF Night.

However, whilst watching movies in the dark with dark scenes, I have noticed extreme backlight bleeding to the point where I do not enjoy the film or the scene.

The set is only a few months old so I called Philips who picked it up for investigation. However, I currently live and work in Moscow and the customer service that I received is dreadful. They claim that they took it to a service center who undertook tests (they won't tell me what type of testing) and the tests showed that the tv is fine. I pushed back but they told me that I have to receive the tv back and then resubmit it again under warranty and they will take it a second/different repair center for investigation.

I have identified that the bleeding is only evidence when I switch the profile to ISF Day or Night. I have attached some photos showing the bleed.

Is this normal/acceptable bleed or is it a sign of a fault tv? I would appreciate any feedback as I am at my wit's end and I have hit a wall with Philips Russia.
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By Rasmus Larsen
I think it has far too much, but generally speaking, most edge-lit LCD panels have too much bleeding.

The reason that you see it more clearly when using the ISF Day profile is probably related to the fact that in most other picture profiles Philips is using its dynamic contrast features, which are, in part, designed to hide the clouding/bleeding issues on edge LED models.

I would continue to put pressure on Philips. It might help to refer to some of the user forums around. There are so many examples of this (not just for Philips). Most TV makers will tell you that they have no widespread problems of this sort, but it is obviously not true.
By Nickdak
Thanks very much for the quick response - much appreciated.

I will keep at Philips - that's exactly what the Philips delivery guy also told me to do!!