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Thanks for this review.

The ev2436wfs looks really good, but it is sadly out of my budget. Anyway, I'm more concerned by the flicker free than by the viewing angles, so I'm wondering if the ev2x16wfs (TN) is as good as the ev2x36wfs or really behind them. My main usage is programming, office work, a bit photo, and casual gaming. Have you some information about this ? Do you plan to review the ev2x16wfs ?

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Definitely not as good. Generally I always recommend to take IPS based monitors over TN.

I understand that you are mostly concerned about the flicker free aspect and I can understand that based on your programmring / office work needs. More flicker free monitors have started to appear in the market place, so you might want to take a look at one of those from BenQ? They are not on par with Eizo's monitors but in my opinion even a cheaper IPS panel is a better choice than a TN panel.

thanks for your advice. I looked at BL2411PT and it seems good, but I would prefer to stick to 22" / 23". I also looked at the NEC EA224wmi which seems to be good too and I particularly like its pixel pitch (0,247mm). So, for now my list is now: Eizo EV2336WFS, Nec EA224WMi and BenQ BL2411PT. Is NEC displays are flicker free or not ? What do you think about the EA224WMI and BL2411PT against the EV2336WFS ?

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I've bought EV2336W. And have adjusted my monitor settings according to calibration settings that you've shared for the 24" model. Many thanks for the same.

I hope that both these 23" & 24" models are very similar except for that 1" difference.

I've spent two weeks with it. Reading articles is quite comfortable, in PAPER mode. I'm not a graphics professional so, I'm not sure about the color accuracy but it seems pretty good.

And recently I had bought Panny GT50 (calibrated according to the settings you've shared. Thanks a lot for the same). It helps a lot for non-professional users like me who want good picture quality possible from their monitors/TVs.
By ennio
Hi Rasmus,
your review is very clear and useful, but I haven't understood whether this monitor is suitable for an amateur photographer.
I mean that it is clear that you found a very good image and color quality, but I don't understand if it is at the highest level, like I expect from Eizo monitors.

Then, do you think that image/color quality of Eizo EV monitors are same or better than Eizo FORIS monitors ?


I recently bought the EIZO EV2436W monitor because on all reviews seemed like there is almost no light bleeding or glow problems. Instead mine has some issues that you can see on the attached image. Is that normal? Displaying a black imagine in a dark room with Luminosity: 40%, Contrast 50%, normal frontal view from 30-40cm. if I change angle the glow is changing also.
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