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By W van Dam
Hello Rasmus,

Thank you for the thorough reviews of both this AS600 Panasonic and the Sony W828b. Instead of getting the Sony I will now get a Panasonic. However, I got a few questions before I settle on size and model.

1. Do you expect the 39inch panels to be of the same quality as the 50inch panel you reviewed?
2. Do you expect the hexacore processor of the AS640 model will improve the motion reproduction capacity? Or are these processors only relevant to the Smart TV stuff?
3. Do you expect any other screen quality differences between the two models?
4. Do you know whether 3D on the AS640 is passive or active?

Not having tested the AS640 I appreciate you probably cannot provide definitive answers, but I'm pretty sure your guess will be better than mine. :)

Thanks in advance!


Having just found the detailed specs for the AS640 (on the Dutch Panasonic website), I may have my answer to the 4th and 2nd question.

4th: It appears the 3D is active. That's a shame, because to me active 3D is worth( )less.
2th: What puzzles me is that the specs also list the AS640 as having a dual core processor. If that is true, then there will not be a difference with respect to motion reproduction.

Also, the only remaining value adding difference I can deduct from the specs would be the Smart-TV stuff. And I'm sorry for those who planned on actually using that if the dual core processor isn't even up to the task with the simpler interface of the AS600 model.

Edit 2: Just found out that "Hexa" means "Dual Core Hexa", instead of Hexacore. As I understand it it is a reference to the Hexa Processing Engine, which does allow some sort of image quality improvements. You might want to update your 2014 overview article to clarify this weird name.
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By Rasmus Larsen
1. Yeah, more or less. But I cannot confirm 100 % :)
2. No, just the Smart TV platform.
3. I expect them to be roughly on par, just with added 3D on AS640
4. Active 3D

Yes, "Hexa processor" is a trick. As you say it is not actually a hexacore processor, but just all the image chips and smart TV chips added together. Should probably mention it in the overview, yeah.
By W van Dam
Hi Rasmus,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

Since the AS640 does not offer anything extra that I'd actually use, I've started looking for a place to purchase the AS600. The 39inch model appears to be on sale in quite a few stores, so that's a nice bonus. :)

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By Rasmus Larsen
If you decide to buy the 39" let us know what you think about it :)
By Ethanc

Just for info, I have looked at it closely in the real world, the 40AS640 has a dual core plus processor, can't record to HDD like the 650, and doesn't have the watch anywhere feature, so there are some internal differences as well as the non IPS panel. In terms of picture quality, it's an oddity as it's a direct lit VA panel. I tested it next to a Sony 705 and it has better out of the box blacks, colours and and much better viewing angle, the best angles I have ever seen on a VA panel, probably due to the lighting system. The sound was poor though even when turned right up, but then so is the AS600. The 640 is much nippier between menus so there is a step up in power. I'm tempted, but as it's a currys exclusive, they don't offer the 5 year warranty you get with other retailers, so you're looking at £150 extra if you want that peace of mind. It's a lovely set though if you're looking for black response, just a slight purple discolouration on the extreme left and right side next the the frame when off axis, something to so with the lighting again, but not noticeable head on or with real world material, excellent uniformity, and no bleed on the set I saw.

By xzafareman
Not having tested the AS640 I appreciate you probably cannot provide definitive answers, but I'm pretty sure your guess will be better than mine. :)