A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By pliskin
Thanks so much for the great review.

I was just wondering if you found any need or advantage in changing any of the calibration settings in the Customer Service Menu (technician menu). I know there are settings in this menu for adjusting the Room Adaptation, Backlight Dimming and the Max Backlight.

I'm sure you know how to access this menu - press menu - setup - red button - select.

Thanks again.
We don't have the set anymore, so we can't go back to modify anything in the service menu. But no - we didn't find it necessary to tweak beyond what you see in the review. Colors looked very nice, and the light sensor worked quite nicely.

The dimming of the backlight is not as aggresive as you find on many other models, so it is less distracting to look at than e.g. the models from Sony. I actually preferred to have it turned on, which is rarely the case for any models we test. The dimming works smoothly and doesn't induce sudden jumps in brightness, which would be very annoying if you use captions in movies.
By lusymare
Thanks for a great review of the TV. I just got the european version and was as happy as a child during x-mas.