A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By westa6969
I have one major concern with AOC and that's it's longevity. I retired two years ago as an IT Director/Purchasing Manager of an Enterprise Data/Voip Network and I bought in volume and the problem I had with AOC Monitors were premature backlight failure that would occur after the 1 year warranty period and to such an extent that it became so much of a pattern that we started to disassemble them and on every failure there was a burnout occurring on the backlight on every one of them after about 15 months of use and the failure rate was something I'd never observed with my Planar inventory that cost a little more but 98% lasted beyond five years and came with 3 year warranty with free 48 replacement.

Obsolescence can be built in just as a light bulb has a planned life so can that light bar.

Over the years I bought thousands of LCD Monitors and the AOC while attractive looking and decent PQ it was hands down worst longevity and unacceptable and thus I black listed them as a vendor on my Network. My Planars were easily the best performer hands down thoough initially they cost a little more the longevity factor and value beat any of the cheap ass prettier monitors by the budget builders. IMO the AOC 23" Monitors I bought were disposables and comparatively to keep them in the network would equal losses 3 times greater than buyer a better LCD Monitor with a positive longevity life cycle. My point is Buyer Beware - I bought about 50 AOC and I could not believe how quickly they failed post warranty and we went to the trouble to disassemble and found the same replicated failure point.

Also, had hundreds of Samsungs and HP's which had positive history but not able to match Planar. You may want to get an extended warranty on an AOC.