A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By Yappa
Thanks for the (mini) review.
A shame that you couldn't get the Leo Bodnar device to work properly. A german review measured 86 ms in game mode which is a lot higher than the abt. 55-57 ms of the LG EG960V. I'd have liked a 2nd reading from someone else.
I actually considered the Pana OLED (there was a good deal), but the apparently higher input lag made it easy for me to not give in to the temptation and consider the flat LG EF950V instead, though there's the question about the uniformity in near black (dark edges and banding). You wrote that you didn't see any such artefacts on an 5% IRE pattern.
Was it possible to properly determinate that under the bright light conditions? Or were you able to dim the lights before looking at the test pattern?

Regarding the lack of Firefox OS, the old OS doesn't bother me, as long as all important apps are present. My guess is that Panasonic simply couldn't implement it anymore. Pretty sure that they'll have it in their next OLED TV.

Thank you.
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By Torben Rasmussen
The conditions were OK for evaluating 5IRE. It was quite obvious on the LG and the edges started going dark already at 10 IRE.

I have no clue what happened to the Bodnar. It would randomly measure 130, then 0, then 19 and so on. And then it would just get stuck at one reading not changing at all when activating game mode, even though you clearly felt the decrease in input lag when using a mouse.

The same weirdness when looking at the patterns used for motion resolution. The patterns would scramble as soon as the movement set in - sort of like interlacing - and no setting of IFC would change that.