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By Rasmus Larsen
Here is some additional information on the processor in XD85 (same in XD93 by the way). It is the same MediaTek processor that Sony used in last year's TVs.

If you want to check your own Android TV or box you can use the AIDA64 app.
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Philips is using the same processor in its 2016 Android TVs - but a version with 4 cores.
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By Rasmus Larsen
I think the picture processing was more a less the same as last year's model. Hard to say with 100% confidence since the two use so different panels.
By Ale2016
Rasmus Larsen wrote:
Ale2016 wrote:HDR in X85D use "Adv. contrast enhancer = high".

http://www.hdfever.fr/2016/05/04/test-s ... ubd-k8500/
Without local dimming zones there is not much you can do to improve HDR picture quality to any significant extent. Edge LED models use pixel-level software optimization and backlight dimming but it is far from enough.

Even so, good results in HDR.

"Adv. contrast enhancer = high".

Take a test ;)

http://www.hdfever.fr/forum/viewtopic.p ... 5&start=70
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By Rasmus Larsen
Well, I don't agree.

We tried all settings for "Adv. contrast enhancer" during the test. HDR is about the full dynamic range and this TV simply doesn't have the hardware to do reproduce HDR. Unfortunately, no picture settings will change that fact.
By johnjordan
As long as Ale2016 is personally enjoying his TV, he is entitled to post about something that he regards as enjoyable.
How does a TV advertising website more or less tell a member they think his new €2000 TV isn't up to much?
Rasmus you probably know more about TVs than this member will, but no need to tell him his new TV isn't a good TV.

Obviously you aren't going to tell him you think it's a good TV but all you need to do here is say; As long as you enjoy it ALE2016 thats whats important.

I take it by the wink emoji he/she is talking from personal experience.
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By Rasmus Larsen
John, I wasn't trying to tell ALE2016 that it isn't a good TV. If it came across as arrogant I apologize.

I was simply trying to get my message across that no setting options on mid-range TVs will enable them to properly reproduce HDR. It is a hardware limitation. I really don't say that to pick on anyone. Of course TVs can be perfect for the induvidual without HDR. I don't own a HDR TV myself.
By john martin
Ok fair enough. It just seemed a little short looking at it from the outside.
That ACE or DCE works a lot better than older versions though. He has a point there.
The advanced contrast enhancer (dynamic contrast enhancer-2015/16 UHD sets) used to make the backlight fluctuate something awful. It was unuseable... until 2014. Now even on HD sets, it works a lot like was intended imo.

On a low or medium setting SDR, the x930c & x850c-using the AMVA3 panel, is now a very decent watch, with a very acceptable small bit of black crush/detail loss. The images hover over a pitch black background. Serious improvements with coloured images over a uniform velvet black sheet. like the way OLED works by default, but for a small degree of luminance.
On standard HDR I would imagine it is a bit different due to the backlight going from very low to very high and vice-versa on a 400cd m2 limited light panel. But IPS and HDR in the future... I'm not too sure there. :-)

Thanks for reply Rasmus. :)
By Kuschelmonschter
I also learned now that all models from March 2016 (XD85, XD93, XD94) are based on the same hardware platform as last year's models. Also there is still no Marshmallow opposed to what has been announced at CES.

The new entry-level models which have been released this month (XD80/XD84, XD70/XD75) do have the new hardware plattform with 64-bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex A53 and Mali T860 graphics, and therefore also VP9-profile 2 support.

This means that the affordable flagship models this year, which can actually reproduce HDR due to local dimming, come with the slow platform of last year and lack VP9-profile 2 decoding, while the entry-level models do get the fast platform with VP9-profile 2 decoding. WTF? This is just 3-4 months in between the releases and the March models are already outdated?

This is serious missmanagement on Sony's behalf in my opinion and I think you should clarify this on your homepage. But please do not delete the old information!
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By Rasmus Larsen
Kuschelmonschter: That sounds pretty bad. Especially considering that Sony promised VP9 Profile 2 support for the XD94, 93 and 85 models at CES. Where do you have this information from?
By GabrielC
Read the review and I for one would really like a review of Sony's newer XD70, XD80 and XD83 tvs. From what I could gather the processors and different, probably better? The XD has direct led, that I would prefer in favor of thinner design. Also, there's Marshmallow.