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By Flatpanels
#11582 Our review of Sony X85E (XE85 in Europe) is online. It is a mid-range 4K TV with HDR support and Android TV. Sony has switched back to a VA LCD panel.
Link: ... 1495007874

Note that the TV is available as XE8505, XE8577, XE8588, XE8599, XE8596, and possible by other names in Europe

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By Rasmus Larsen
#11584 People sometimes ask me if modern LED based LCD TVs still use PWM to modulate the backlight brightness level. Some people perceive PWM as very high-frequency flicker similar to flicker on CRT and plasma TVs.

Sony X85E does not appear to be using PWM. The photo is taken at 1/15 s exposure time.

By franco.bluto
#11586 EDIT + update :

Sony Bravia X85E (X850E) spec wise looks like a reincarnated VA panel edge lit ,edge bleeding frame dimming 2015 55 X850C not a bad thing priced right or bad up to 4K SDR TV if it holds up to the 2015 X85E noting the 2016 X850D (X85D) was a fail ( IPS panel) but it ain't no USA 2016 QDOT/SUHD Samsung UN55 KS 8000 /800D I have in here to replace my bricked Sony 55X850C for $0.00 on my extended warranty . :p

I repaired the 55 UN X850C PSU/LD board level problems and put in a new salvage mainboard and LED bar in the panel and a firmware load and it's like new for ~$175.00 ,

The Sony is doing well on a less severe duty cycle in the family cinema room now replacing a decent 4 yr old 1080p Samsung plasma that didn't buzz and they like the Sony LCD fine and it ain't bad at all up to 4K SDR and Triluminos color but not much for HDR given it's only a 420 NIT panel and not a retina searing Samsung KS 8000 /800D or Sony UN 55 X930E .

My May 2017 NIB retina searing QDOT SUHD Samsung UN 55 KS 8000 binned for a Samsung direct FA01 panel is in the inner sanctum here on the full motion wall mount with a nice all total 977 watt 5.1 system including 4 decent ELAC B6 speakers anchored by a heavyweight all metal Sony ES 7,1 AVR that can get clean THX pro 5.1/7.1 @ 115dB -20dB or more all day at 10-15 feet or 5m . from the TV in here with the included 6dB of room gain /cabin gain in a confined space .

Costco distribution is where I asked to get my replacement TV and where they shipped it from for my specific new Samsung FA01 panel code binned Samsung KS 8000/800D TV from the warranty co.

As outhouse luck would have it I was buying that 2016 Samsung UN 55 KS 8000 /800D for this room within 2 weeks of the 2015 Sony UN 55 X850C frying itself and the Sony was going where is now anyway :p
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By Kuschelmonschter
X85E spec wise and test looks like a reincarnated VA panel Sony edge lit frame dimming X850C

X850C was directly lit though...

X850C: VA Direct LED
X85D: IPS Edge LED
X85E: VA Edge LED

This new Samsung 55 KS XXXX TV and QDOT ultra Black Samsung FA01 panel takes it all up several levels from my Sony 55X850C and then some ,it's also WAY better at CATV /SAT TV *DirecTV here and smart TV and it is much thinner and nicer too ,the Tizen platform in general and voice search is terrific compared to unstable and slow android TV in the Sonys (when Android works in them )

Live TV and Smart TV functionality is indeed awful on Sony Android TV, also see my review.
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By Rasmus Larsen
#11589 I think X850C is actually still slightly ahead in picture quality. The picture quality score should reflect that. Over the last few years, the 85 series has not really moved forward in any significant way. One point to make here is also that X93E actually was a decent improvement over X93D because of the improved zone-dimming system.

As kuschelmonschter points out, Android TV still has many problems. His write-up is very thorough so I can recommend it. Despite X85E having a faster chip and despite the software tweaks since X85D was released I actually gave it the same score in functionality. There are still issues, the speakers are worse (also included in our functionality score), and the TV SideView app is dead...
By Kuschelmonschter
#11591 O is indeed a lot of what I imagined Android TV to be from the beginning. Powerful voice search and control and putting the content front and center on the home screen, not apps. Ditching the useless recommendations row is also a good thing. Hopefully Sony can't hook up the useless Featured apps anymore either.

Will be interesting whether Sony puts O on their ATV1 plattform as well (2015 and early 2016 models). Think O will become the first Android TV version that will be be fun to use. Whether this will also be true for Sony's integration of O is totally different story though.
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By Rasmus Larsen
#11698 I'll try to get a comment from Sony regarding Android O this coming week. It runs quite well on the Nexus Player so hopefully it can run even on the first Sony Android TVs.

Here's also Google's official presentation from I/O 2017 of the new UI / features:
By Kuschelmonschter
#11699 Nexus Player is based on a 1.8GHz quad core Atom. Suppose this is a different league compared to the MediaTek MT5890 with dual core A17 running at 1 GHz. Google states though that their focus was to have O running smoothly on even the slowest HW. Whatever that means.