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By afterglow

Thanks for the comprehensive review of the U2711.

Can you please let us know if the monitor exhibits either the pink/green or burned yellow gradation problem apparant on the u2410 or the 27" imac which uses the same LG panel?(noticable on white/grey backgrounds).

Thanks in advance.
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By Rasmus Larsen
Thank you for your feedback.

I tried to play around with this test pattern used by many Apple owners but I didn't detect any tint issues on U2711: http://tapplox.com/imac-led.html

I have seen two 27-inch iMacs with yellow tint issues so I was eager to see if Dell had these issues as well. Of course I can't disprove that U2711 has general problems but the U2711 I reviewed didn't. I have only seen this U2711 model but it is an actual product and not a production sample.
By les
Thanks for the review!

Were you able to test the u2711 with a xbox360 or PS3? Also, you listed a Samsung as an alternative for more serious gaming.

What monitor would you recommend for someone like me who needs a computer monitor that doubles as a console gaming monitor? The Samsung doesn't really have the inputs for a 360 or PS3 and I'm not sure if the 120hz is an issue for consoles anyway.

I really appreciate the reviews, thanks!
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By Rasmus Larsen
I'll try to connect my PS3 today. I'll return with more information.

Samsung 2233rz is really just a PC gaming monitor and not really suited for console gaming. Mostly because the missing HDMI but besides that you can't utilize the 120 Hz together with a gaming console at the moment. But for PC gaming the new 120 Hz monitors are fantastic.
By ndjr
Great review

Could you test if the U2711 has any buzzing noise when you lower the brightness to zero? the samsung P2770H had this problem and I just cant stand ANY noise coming from the monitor! and also see how much power it consume at zero brightness
By ndjr
ndjr wrote:Great review

Could you test if the U2711 has any buzzing noise when you lower the brightness to zero? the samsung P2770H had this problem and I just cant stand ANY noise coming from the monitor! and also see how much power it consume at zero brightness
I answer it myself, the U2711 has NO buzzing noise at any brightness level, it consume 39w at zero brightness and 119w at full (very bad) The PS3 works great, the monitor can handle 24p but not without judder
By Hiki
I bought the u2711 after reading this review and a couple of other ones. Got a good deal so i couldn't resist, 1000$ with tax (or 7100 swedish kroner).

It works fine except one annoying thing, you can see it in the picture.


Its taken from a normal viewing position and as you can see in the bottom left corner its tinting brownish, it gets better or worse depending on viewing angle. I have to be at least 2m away from the screen or have my eye right in front of the corner to not notice it. I only noticed it when its all black or very dark colours.

I could live with backlight bleeding or clouding but this is a bit much in my opinion. Do you think it's enough to get a replacement screen or will I have to live with it?

I'm going to contact both Dell and the retailer to see what they have to say.
By Oflife
We just acquired a U2711 and it is currently connected to a 2.53GHz Mac Mini using a Mini DisplayPort to Displayport cable. What can I say? Stunning! As a designer, the consistent whites are more important than the dark levels, but I cannot see any of the flaws you mention, so it may be worth contacting Dell. BTW, watching movies on this thing, whilst a bit naughty being it is for work, is amazing! Many envious people around the office.

If it was a multitouch display, it would be first item I have owned since an iPod Touch that makes one feel like one is living in the world of Star Trek Next Generation! Basically, all you see is monitor!

By ndjr

Mine also have a little light bleeding in the lower right corner, but I dont think it`s a very big problem, I only wish it had LED light source, because 40w at the lowest brightness is to much.
By Jules93
Very nice review thanks!

Does the GForce 7900 GTD has the 2560 X 1440 resolution in it's preset resolutions list?

I just installed that monitor on a Radeon 3870 through DVI and every resolution higher than 1680 X 1050 gives me a massif horizontal overscan.

The latest ATI driver-control panel, 10.5, doesn't has a preset for 2560 X 1440 so I made a custom resolution in Powerstrip, it got accepted but the overscan is still there.

I'm now looking for a new video card which has a 2560 X 1440 preset.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Mahi

EDIT: So sorry, I just saw you asked not to post in this thread anymore. Can you please move it to the place where it belongs?
By pbony

I plan to purchase a DELL U2711 but right now I will only connect it to MacBook Pro and Laptop PC with 1920*1200 max resolution capability.

Have you tried this resolution? Is it good?

Many thanks for your feeback.

Best Regards