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By Tepii
#14011 To summary this, o big disappointment :( Not the tv i was hoping for, jumped the gun for LG 65C8 for great price and hoping not to make mistake because couldnt wait this review to be online. Big relief :D C8 seems to a lot better, lot is probably too much but anycase :) Cant understand manufacturers to rely on this ancient stuff, where is the innovation, everything is about saving and making piece of crap. Then wondering why the sales arent great, hmmm... it is like no one wants to be better then else, points for lg at least for trying to do something, panasonic, sony not so much.... both have one thing they rely on, extreme processor for sony and color accuracy for pana... tv businees is in somewhat stand still mode been for decade, waiting the next big one :) in the next 100 -years or so :D
By unknownuser
#14012 This TV is much heavier without the stand than the other 2 brands which may means that the internal components are better quality even though the plastic shell is flimsy. Could be better power supply, PCB design and soldering however nowadays we are lucky if an electronics device can outlive the warranty period regardless of the brand....

The real concern is the visible factory test pattern..The problem was present on 2017 LGs,RTINGS quote
"OLED TVs are produced in a hot process, and after cooling a 25% window is shown on each panel. Some TVs which haven't cooled completely can produce invalid results for the lookup table used by the 'Pixel Refresh' function, causing this 25% window to become visible. Only some 55" OLED TVs were affected during part of 2017.
As this is not an issue with the panel itself, it is possible to apply a fix to the lookup table. LG will apply this fix to anyone who presents this issue to their support, for free, even after the warranty period has long expired. They have fixed our two affected TVs (see the uniformity photos below). Note that this doesn't fix other uniformity issues as the result of static content, only the 25% window caused by a factory defect."

I really hope that it won't be a common thing with the panels on Panasonic. Interesting that your panel is a 65 not 55 inch.
The least thing you want to repack this TV and send it back because of this. Although the stand removal is simply but I saw that Panasonic added so many pieces of foam that it's a challenge to repack :D This stand is so lame, these stands are always wobble as you mentioned in the review but not dealbreaker for me nor the lame remote, picture comes first.

As usually, can you attach more pre calibration graphs? :)
By Baku
#14013 Thank you for the excellent review.

A review from hdtv test (Vincent) said the HDR picture on sony af8 compared to LG C8 is inferior and less "punchy".

How is the HDR picture on Panasonic compared to the sony af8/LG C8? better or worse?
By Birtollo
#14015 We know that the sony a1/af8 handle better the low bitrate / compressed content, but I would to know how this Panasonic FZ800 performe compared to the LG C8, I'm testing a LG C8 that looks fantastic but with certains tv serie the compression of the background shows too many artifacts to fully enjoy the picture quality

For the motion, do you think that the FZ800 is more juddering than LG with all interpolation on Off? and what about the interpolation artifacts, are they more present than on the LG?

for what I can see the interpolation is pretty destructive on my LG C8 even at lower settings, it's the same with the FZ800?

more in general is there any aspect relative to the picture quality where the panasonic excell compared to the C8?

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By Torben Rasmussen
#14016 Repacking isn't as bad as it might look. The set is just really heavy for an OLED and the box is BIG!

We are aware of the findings at Rtings and initially I did actually include this as a possibility in the review, but I decided to wait for Panas comment before suggesting it is the same issue.

Unless you have the AF8, C8, and FZ800 side by side you won't notice the difference in HDR performance. The AF8 is the least bright of the three by about 10% less light output. Not a real deal breaker.

Motion on the C8 is better on the manual setting, but does introduce some artifacts, but so does IFC. The occasional stutter really kills the experience for me, so I would probably say that the C8 had the edge on that one. Can't say anything about durability in relation to the weight that might indicate better PSU.

I can't help to feel that the FZ800 is pretty much a EZ950 without any real improvements - and a more crappy remote. But the price has a better starting point, but right now the EZ950 is being discounted many places at prices lower than the FZ800, so you might as well get that one instead.
By Steve
#14018 What a disappointment. They claim Hollywood level, but can't even get 100% DCI (let alone next gen 2020), 10 bit, banding in dark tones? Can they get into Dolby cinema territory?

Panasonic needs to go a lot further. They should at least have something on the level like the creative sound bar and a good sub on offer, to claim Hollywood level. Love my thx certified speakers, but what do you get here? So, 100% DCI plus post calibrated Dolby cinema level brightness with 100% DCI is what they should have now (nearly 2020 level calibrated next to DC level brightness and preferably HDR 1000 spec). Hmm, what TV is most like a new generation of dx900?
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By Torben Rasmussen
#14022 The color space is pretty much limited by the capabilities of the LG panel. Panasonic can do nothing to improve this.
By Steve
Torben Rasmussen wrote:The color space is pretty much limited by the capabilities of the LG panel. Panasonic can do nothing to improve this.

They pretty much said in one of your previous articles. That if they used a more wide color filter the brightness drops off too much. So, they have the technology to play with the filters. However, QD have a very high conversion rate, so not a much drop.