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By hafcanadian
#14226 Torben, is there an English audio version available for the imbedded Android menu video? Forgive me, but it’s font is in Danish or Germanic and moves a bit fast for my limited experience to follow. Some narrative guidance might help.

Also, is there any new word on Sony/Google addressing the reported issue with the TV “waking up” unnecessarily? I’m on the fence telling my dealer whether to bring the ordered A8 to the scheduled install next week or upgrade to an A9.

Thanks for the work you do! I’ve wavered from taking the leap to a modern TV for several years, but came close a couple times. Your reviews are a great help, and now that our old eyes are struggling with text and streamer thumbnails on our old 2008 Sony 32”, it’s time to jump; and hope software updates mitigate any regrets for not waiting out tech morphing any longer.