TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
By rickyg
First of all, thank you for providing access to your excellent website. I've been following it for a while now and appreciate your critical reviews. You may wonder why I then choose Philips haha.

I purchased it just before New Year and still have some issues with installation. I don't have hdmi peripherals yet and need component to work with my Linn Classik Movie, but that is proving hard.

I've already changed the power plug for a Furutech figure 8 plug - big improvement!

But to be able to enjoy the screen in optima forma, I would like to understand what other users have used for settings. I can easily share mine when I get home in the weekend.

Looking forward to a lively discussion!

By 62vette

I have the same set, very interested in the settings/calibration for this TV.
One of these days I will try the calibration settings that are in the 46PFL9705 review on this site.

See how that works out.

How will a power plug/cable improve the TV set?
Did you get a complete cable or just the plugs?

By rickyg
It is a full cable with figure 8 on one side and eu plug on the oter side. I experience more 'calmness' when watching cable tv (no hd) already, but cable needs run in time for further improvements. Will comment later on further improvements (or not of course).

Trying the 46 settings sounds like a good idea. I got my original settings from a German site, but can't find reference now.
By 62vette
These furutech cables cost a bundle...... :(

@ Rasmus: If you read this and ever make a trip to the Netherlands, you can use my 58PFL9955 for calibration tests :D
By rickyg
Wasn't home during the weekend either so it took a bit longer than expected, but these are my current settings.

Smart Picture: Personal
Contrast: 62
Brightness: 53
Colour: 49
Sharpness: 3
Noise reduction: Off
Tint: Normal (afraid to set RGB myself)
Perfect natural motion: Medium
400Hz clear LCD: On
Super resolution: Off
Perfect contrast: Off
Dynamic backlight: Best picture
Colour enhancement: Medium
Gamma: 2

Light sensor: off
Screen edges: 7

Looking forward to what you found with the 46 settings.

And yes, the Furutechs are not the cheapest but in my market there is not much choice and I definitely wanted to upgrade. Done it once with my Linn Classik Movie and was so surprised by the impact (even my wife was immediately convinced), that I want to do it wherever I can. And this was one of their cheaper cables (c. USD 150).