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By Game500
I just found out TODAY that there is another problem with my Insignia NS-43DR710NA17 that my dad and I got at Best Buy over two years ago.

The problem- The TV went dark and is blinking like crazy. Even with my bedroom lights off.

What is the best fitting solution for this two-year old 43" 4K Roku TV?
By Game500
After calling Insignia, they told me that the TV is defective.

I am thinking which is the less expensive option.

Should I:
A) Have Geek Squad repair the TV
B) Replace the TV

Your input would be lovely.
If it's blinking, it could be a backlight issue. That would probably require that the entire LCD panel module gets replaced.

I honestly don't think it would be worth repairing it but of course, it's hard to say before you have a quote from Best Buy.