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At E3 2019, Microsoft announced the first details about the next-gen Xbox console (Xbox Two?), tentatively named Project Scarlett. Lets use this thread to keep track of things as we are approaching the launch. Share what you find out there!

Next-gen Xbox: 8K graphics, 120fps, SSD & ray-tracing - launching in 2020
Next-gen Xbox console will have a disc drive

Here's also an interview with Eurogamer and Digital Foundry's spec analysis.
A few thoughts:
- 8K and 4K120 will require HDMI 2.1 and obviously this is an HDMI 2.1 console.
- Microsoft has already confirmed VRR (no big surprise since it's in Xbox One X already) and HDMI 2.1 should enable a much wider frequency range up to 4K120.
- Microsoft says that it'll be "four times as powerful as Xbox One X." What does that even mean? 6x4 = 24 Tflops. Sounds unlikely. Here's a rumor about a dev kit mentioning "14.366 teraflops of power (80 CUs)": ... 663.0.html