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PlayStation 4 does nto support ALLM but rather a custom solution made by Sony. Maybe PlayStation 5 will support ALLM but if not, I don't think Sony would support ALLM just to make its TVs play nicer with Xbox.

Sony declined to comment on this matter my guess is that additional high-end 2020 TVs will be launched in the second half of 2020 in time for PlayStation 5.
What's the point of buying a screen for a PC game without 12 BIT color?
What's the point of buying a computer game that doesn't support 4: 4: 4 12 BIT
The standard that can achieve this is HDMI 2.1

Sony suffers from many financial problems and cellular losses!
Therefore, their cellphone is always not advanced and without updates!
Sony doesn't have budgets to develop TVs every year or give quick and good updates like Samsung or LG