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49” Q80T doesn’t have HDMI 2.1 ports (denoted ‘4K120’ in the table). Optional HDMI 2.1 features like ALLM and eARC work on HDMI 2.0 chipsets.
By kjkjk32
HDMI 2.1 - in 2020 for manufacturers it's a joke in my opinion!
1. Manufacturers do not bring 12 BIT color to screens
2. Manufacturers do not improve HDR
3. Brightness 1500 NITS poor
4. No DTS-HD or DTS-X
5. In 2007 Pioneer + Samsung brought TVs up to 16 BIT color
Introduced a color computer that converts colors up to 16 BIT
And today barely 10 BIT
There were no 16-bit TVs in 2007...

There are lots of LUTs (look-up tables) higher than 10-bit but that it something entirely different.

A 12-bit TV would require a 12-bit display panel and those panels do not exist for the mass consumer market at this time. It's largely irrelevant that an internal processing step or an HDMI sink can process/take 12-bit if the panel cannot operate and display 12-bit.