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Next Gen QD TV Coming in 2021: Wait for it? Finally Beating OLED!

NEXT GEN Quantum Dot TV production begins in 2021! We get into the features, prices & whether it’s worth waiting for? Timestamp & TV selections below:
0:00 Next Generation QD TV in 2021
1:29 What is QD TV?
4:03 3 Reasons QD TV Is Better
6:08 Should you wait?
8:45 Predicted Pricing
10:27 QD-OLED or QNED?
11:28 Gaming Friendly?
11:47 Possibly 12-Bit panel
12:15 When Can I See it?
13:05 When Will it be at Costco?
13:26 Competing Cheap OLED TVs
HDMI 2.1 - in 2020 for manufacturers it's a joke in my opinion!
1. Manufacturers do not bring 12 BIT color to screens
2. Manufacturers do not improve HDR
3. Brightness 1500 NITS poor
4. No DTS-HD or DTS-X
5. In 2007 Pioneer + Samsung brought TVs up to 16 BIT color
Introduced a color computer that converts colors up to 16 BIT
And today barely 10 BIT