TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
By twmmd
Recently purchased this LG and went to put your suggested calibration into expert 1 display with a comparison to the "standard" display....using your numbers I could not get any where close to a reasonable picture display and had to go back to standard format....the sports and vivid were too bright and contrasty. The expert 1 display with your suggested numbers was way off on defined numbers and very soft around the edges....not good at all....even the colors were dull. I ran across a luminance setting in my hunt for display controls but there is no mention of luminescence in your calibration. Not sure what I am doing wrong here but it seems your calibration setting do not seem to create an acceptable display......maybe I am doing something wrong here. This manual for this TV has to be the very worst I have seen for any electronics I have ever purchased....does anyone have a much more in depth unofficial manual on this really shows the company does not desire people to mess with it but does have 2 "expert settings".
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By Rasmus Larsen
There was no luminescence option on our TV. I'm not sure why there is a difference (firmware? differences between regions?).

Do you use the TV in a living room? Remember to aim for a higher overall brightness if that is the case.