PC monitors of all kinds.
I am looking to buy one of this. I cabt say i play too many games, i am not the one from some years ago that was playing all the games that were launching. I stick to black desert online, total war games and for honor mainly. So i dont know which one to get to last me the longest. I am playing on a 1080 p tv, and i might go to 4k in the future or a 144hz monitor. I ve got a 3600x ryzen cpu if it matters. Should i wait for the 5700 xt customs or the 2060 super will do just fine and the difference between them is small enough ti not wait some weeks? My laptop broke and i am building a pc, my last graphic card is like 5 6 years old so i would just buy one already on the market.xnxx xxx

What do you say?