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By megathomasv
Hey guys, I need help in looking for a graphic card but I’m not sure what to get. Btw I need it for gaming so it has to be able to run “intensive” games such as GTA 5 on very high graphics.

My current PC specs are as follows: I7-4770 16 GB DDR3 RAM GTX 760 2GB And I’m playing on 1920x1080.

I’ve had this set up for over 5 years now. The 2GB video memory on my current GTX760 is bleh. It feels like it is overheating at times too.

So I’m looking for a 4gb video memory at least. Currently considering the GTX960 4GB but heard many saying that the upgrade is not worth.

So what graphic cards would y’all recommend for my setup. “Ignoring” budget for now, which are the high quality graphics I should get at affordable prices?

In short I just wanna run GTA5 on very high without any FPS/temperature issues.
By Tepii
hi! thats a tough one, only real option for me is Nvidia GTX 1650 or maybe 1660. Such weak prosessor there is no point putting better one unless you are thinking of upgrading motherboard, processor etc.. but even in that case i would not go better one, for one reason. New Ampere and RDNA 2 cards, value will drop significantly with everything there is now. Today buy Nvidia 1650, next time is for the whole system. If today you look the absolut value and power no cost in mind maybe RTX 2060 or super version is in the game. Debends how much money you want to put in and what time frame you think of upgrading the whole system. I have Intel 6850K and 2x GTX 1080, 4 year old system. Looking for upgrade the whole stuff to get better 4k. Works fine today for 1600P even Battlefield V utra settings. In Old systems 4, 5 years or more it is very hard to upgrade just one part, the balance is just way off. But GPU is the easiest to change if thats the path you want to go, and better value like i said lies in the mid range and below. Please no RTX 2080 ti for your system :D Better check then how much juice your power supply has ;D