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Dear Rasmus:

I have read your review of pana VT50 plasma tv and its very kind of you to share the optimal calibrated settings on this TV. A million thanks for that, I wonder, however if you could share further what value you set "Color Management" sub-menu under "Advance Setting" menu for the following parameter:

R-Hue, G-Hue, B-Hue; R-Saturation, G-Saturation, B-Saturation; R-Luminance, G-Luminance, B-Luminance and the same request for Y, C, M settings. Many thanks and kindest regards. Vichda
I have nothing to share regarding the advanced settings, sorry.

We use and share the "basic" settings because these can - mostly - be replicated on other models. The Hue, Sat, Luminance and so on have to be done individually on each set. That is why we also try to leave them out of reviews because we want to reach a level of performance similar to what our reader can achieve.